7 Things to Love about Being a Scorpio ...


Scorpios catch a lot of negativity for their strong personalities but there’re advantages to that. That’s also only one part of being a Scorpio. There are a lot of traits to love about yourself if you’re a Scorpio. Let’s talk about seven of them.

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You Were Born to Lead

If you’re a Scorpio, then you were born to lead. You probably find yourself in the position of leading in any group setting and that’s no accident. You excel at leadership and that’s something to embrace about yourself. Not everyone has that ability. It’s a trait that can open doors of opportunity to you in your education and your career.


You’ve Got Perseverance

As a Scorpio, you’ve got perseverance. You don’t give up easily on whatever you’re working toward. Many people are easily defeated but you aren’t one of them. You have what it takes to get a job done. This trait is beneficial in so many ways. Not only will you use this skill in your career but you won’t give up easily on those you care about. This makes you a top choice as a romantic partner.


You Greet Life with Excitement

To a Scorpio, life’s this big amazing adventure to be experienced each day. You don’t get hemmed in by the boredom of routines. You’re always looking for the excitement each day has to offer. Your focus is on finding something to experience and enjoy. This is a lesson you can help others learn that aren’t quite so adventurous.


You’re Brave

You’re no shrinking violet, Scorpio. Not only do you meet any challenge head on, you welcome a challenge. It’s something that excites you and gives you the chance to learn and grow in new ways. You feel like challenges in life make you better, whether they’re in your professional or personal life. You don’t shrink away from any challenge coming your way; you greet it with the bravery that makes you a Scorpio.


Your Personality is Magnetic

Scorpios have personalities that are very magnetic. Your passion for everything you do draws people to you. You aren’t a person that doesn’t have a friend to call when you need help. Usually your circle of friends is very big because no one can resist becoming friends with you. This magnetism can be even more powerful in a romantic relationship, meaning that you never have to worry about the spark going out between you and your partner.


You’re Financially Savvy

You’re very good with finances. You generally aren’t the type of person that finds themselves in the midst of a financial mess because of poor decisions. You have a very natural skill in handling money which can be very beneficial to you. You make wise investments and know how to make your money go further.


You Remember Important Dates

You may not think this is that important a trait to have but all of your friends who’ve never had a birthday forgotten by you would beg to differ. Dates just stick in your mind, whether it’s important historical dates, the dates of birthdays and anniversaries of those closest to you or significant dates in your own life. This is also a great skill when it comes to helping you remember appointments you have. It’s a trait that’s unique to Scorpios so take pride in it.

These are seven traits to love about yourself as a Scorpio. Do you have any of these traits? I’d love to hear from you.

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I really recognize myself! Everyting fits but the last item. I really suck at remembering dates, thank the heavens for something like reminders and post its!

That's fucking right! Lol

Haha this really reminds me of my boyfriend =]

Wrong post sorry ha

Ima Scorpio and love it!

All of them lol

Everything you just said is true exept for the financial management.... 🙈

I'm a Scorpio

This is completely me!

Oh yeh that's right ish I suppose except the magnetic bit I do get quite a bit of attention from males Tho kinda annoying sometimes tbh

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