7 Things to Love about Being a Capricorn ...

By Alicia

Capricorns have a lot of good qualities that come to them naturally because of their horoscope sign. If you were born under this sign then there are a lot of things to love about yourself. While not all of these may fit you, it’s likely that several of them will. I’ve got a few Capricorns in my close circle and can see these admirable traits in them.

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You’ve Got Self-control

Self-control is something that Capricorns are very good at. You aren’t likely to be the one to blow your diet. While it can take you a bit to get focused, once you do, you’re set. Your self- control isn’t limited to only dieting, either. It can be in relation to controlling your spending, sticking to a workout routine or many other things in your life.


Responsibility is Your Middle Name

Capricorns are responsible individuals. If they say they’ll do something then you can count on it being done. They take their responsibilities very seriously. This is a benefit to your education and your career. Additionally, Capricorns usually make very good parents because of their responsible nature. I have a Capricorn friend who’s wonderful with my children when she babysits them.


You’re Practical

As a Capricorn, you aren’t a person that’s flighty and changes her mind on a daily basis. You’re very practical. You think things through carefully and concisely. You don’t make impulse purchases and therefore tend to love the things that you do buy because they’ve been bought after careful consideration. This is something that impulse buyers around the world wish that they could master.


You're Organized

This is a personality trait that you have in common with Virgos. You have a good organizational system for your things. This is true in your home, your schooling and your workplace. Details don’t get past you. You stay right on top of things and can always be counted on to keep things in order.


You’re Endlessly Patient

Capricorns are such patient individuals. You’re a wonderful person to talk to when a friend has a problem they’re confused about. You’ll patiently listen as you take all the time they need to talk. You also don’t get bent out of shape over things like long lines or a long wait at a doctor’s office. While you don’t enjoy those hassles, you handle them in a graceful manner.

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Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.


You Play Fair

A Capricorn has a strong inner set of morals they follow. Because of this, you play fair. You’re not willing to step on others to get to the top for a promotion or any other advantage in life. You’d rather have what you have honestly then play dirty to get it. This is an admirable quality that not everyone has. You should be proud of yourself for having this value.


You Shy Away from Drama

Capricorns don’t like drama and will do their best to avoid it. You’d much rather have a peaceful existence than to be a drama queen. In fact, you’re likely to find dramatic people amusing. You can’t be pulled into drama in any setting which is something others love about you. They can count on you for your steady, authentic personality.

These are 7 traits to love about yourself as a Capricorn. Do you see any of these traits in yourself? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section.

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Eh! I guess.

This is so not true, I have just dealt with a meanest bitch

If you feel that there is some deviation, sun sign doesn't tell EVERY single thing. Look up your moon sign and ascendant, and look up those articles as well (for example, a Cap with an Aries Moon could also look at “things to love about being an Aries.”

This has me written all over it 😂

Sounds so neat, a Capricorn would make a good and trusty friend.

100% true

So true, this is basically me

How about not accurate

My husbands a Capri n he can't diet lol but he's most understanding patient b practical guy capris are Grt ppl

Yea itx trueee...:-)