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7 Challenging Virgo Traits and How to Overcome Them ...

By Alicia

Just as there are traits to love about your horoscope sign there are also traits that can be challenging in relation to your specific sign. I'm going to share with you the traits that can be a challenge for Virgos. I’m a classic Virgo so I’m right there with you in dealing with these. The good news is that there’re ways to overcome your challenging Virgo traits.

1 Being Inflexible

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? Virgos don’t like to have their schedule or routine bumped. After all, that could mean less gets done on your to-do list, right? I’m exactly like this, too. But unexpected things can be helpful to you. It can help you to learn some flexibility and that your schedule will be waiting for you whenever you can get back on it.

2 Being Judgmental

Goodness, this one isn’t attractive, is it? I don’t like it, either. But the truth is that Virgos do tend to lean a little on the judgmental side. You want to classify people quickly in your analytical mind so that leads to snap judgments. The good news is that you can teach yourself to be open-minded by stopping snap judgments in their tracks.

3 Being a Tad Critical

We just want to help others, right? We Virgos see something that’s not perfect so we point it out. That’s our perfectionist nature kicking in! It can be helpful if you remember that others don’t always want your help. Try to follow a policy of not giving your opinion unless you’re asked.

4 Coming across as Harsh

Virgos are so very honest and often speak without thinking. You don’t ever mean to be hurtful, you’re just very direct. This one may be the most difficult to overcome. It has been for me. I think it’s just a process of learning to think before you speak. It’s also helpful to realize some people can handle your direct nature better than others and tailor it to who you’re with.

5 Having a Negative Outlook

The struggle is real here, isn’t it sister Virgos? It’s not easy for us to be sunny like those blessed with natural optimism. But you can counteract this challenging Virgo trait by consciously choosing to look for the positive in people and situations. Focusing on gratitude helps, too. Try keeping a gratitude journal to help you focus on all the good in your life.

6 Not Doing Downtime Well

It’s common for Virgos to struggle with having downtime. Your strong work ethic has a hard time shutting off. I’ve struggled with this throughout my life and have finally learned that it’s not good to be an all work and no play person. It helps me to plan fun things so that they’re built into my schedule. I also try to sit down and read or watch something I enjoy by a certain time each evening. Having a set time to chill out can be helpful for Virgos.

7 Being Moody

Virgos can be moody creatures. You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve. You’re a sensitive soul and that’s not a bad thing. But the moodiness isn’t a trait others love about you or that you love about yourself. It’s best to try to get some alone time when you know you’re in a funk.

These are 7 Virgo traits that can be challenging. Which one is the most difficult for you? I’m anxious to read your answers.

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