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7 Mean Things You Need to do to Succeed ...

By Holly

Once in a while, there are mean things you need to do to succeed. If you're trying to land a certain job or promotion, you need to make some difficult decisions. Making your way to the top of the career ladder isn't an easy job. Here are some mean things you need to do to succeed that you shouldn't feel bad about:

Table of contents:

  1. Leave friends behind
  2. Act selfishly
  3. Say "no"
  4. Order others around
  5. Put work first
  6. Make enemies
  7. Lie

1 Leave Friends behind

You can't remain friends with people who are dragging you down. If you've tried to help out an old pal who chooses to party rather than work, but they refuse to better themselves, then you can't go down with them. Leaving behind certain people are one of the mean things you need to do to succeed. You can't hold yourself back in order to make your buddies happy.

2 Act Selfishly

Selfishness isn't a bad thing, as long as you don't take it too far. You should want what's best for yourself, so you should fight to earn a promotion, even if it means your favorite coworker won't move up the corporate ladder. You need to focus on yourself. If you're always putting other people's wellbeing before your own, then it'll be hard to go far in life.

3 Say "No"

You need to learn to be confident and aggressive if you want to succeed in the business world. That means that you can't agree to help everyone who asks for your assistance, because you feel guilty about turning them down. You need to learn to do what's best for yourself.

4 Order Others around

Depending on what your job description entails, you might have to take control of certain situations. If your coworkers aren't doing the right thing, you might have to speak up. If someone is getting in the way of an important project, you might have to tell them what to do instead.

5 Put Work First

You don't want to skip an important date or family function to work, but sometimes you'll have to cancel plans. If you get drunk with your buddies every Friday night, you can't pretend you're sick to get out of a meeting that same night. Your friends need to understand that your work comes first.

6 Make Enemies

You don't want to set out to make people hate you, but you can't be upset when it happens. Some coworkers will get mad when you're too serious and won't joke around in the office. If you do joke, then other coworkers will judge you for not taking things seriously. You can never win, so don't feel bad about making enemies.

7 Lie

You don't want to add dozens of lies to your resume, but sometimes you need to fib a bit. If you attend an interview and are asked if you're a people person, you need to say yes. If you're asked if you get angry easily, you need to say no. It doesn't matter if it's the truth. You need to tell them what they want to hear or your application will be thrown in the trash.

Sometimes you have to be a little mean in order to get ahead. It's a sad truth, but it's the way that the world works. Have you done any of the things on this list or are you morally against them?

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