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7 Surprising Benefits of Kindness ...

By Alicia

Being kind to others is an act that has some surprising benefits, both for you and those you’re kind to. This’s a habit that doesn’t receive the attention it should in our day and time. We’re all so busy and wrapped up in our own lives. But spreading kindness is well-worth it. These’re some of the surprising benefits of making this selfless choice.

1 Your Day Gets Better, Too

You won’t only improve the day of the person you’re kind to, you’ll improve your own as well. As I’ve made it a goal to work on becoming kinder, I’ve noticed that my day gets a bit better with each kind choice I make. It brightens my day to brighten someone else’s. Try this and you’ll notice the truth of it for yourself. It’s good karma in action.

2 You Feel Better about Yourself

Being kind is a great self-esteem booster. It’s amazing how good you feel about yourself when you’re kind to others. On the flip side, when you’re unkind then you probably feel pretty crummy. I’ve been on both sides of that scenario and know that I feel much better when I choose kindness. Making kindness a priority will make you feel much better about what kind of person you are.


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3 It’s an Instant Mood Boost

Feeling low or down in the dumps? Be kind to someone. You’re guaranteed an instant mood boost. Kindness doesn’t always come easily, especially if you’re in a bad mood. But if you’ll make the extra effort to be kind then you’ll find that your bad mood seems a little bit better. Being kind certainly won’t make you feel any worse.

4 It Improves Your Reputation

This shouldn’t be your only motivation to be kind to others but it’s a good point to consider. Being kind to others will improve your reputation. It’ll probably gain you a few friends, as well. After all, who doesn’t love a person that treats them well? Being kind to others will polish up your reputation.

5 It Comes Back to You

Kindness, like unkindness, comes back to you. If you’re kind to others then they’re more likely to be kind in return. Karma works and you’ve probably seen evidence of it in your own life. Of course you’ll encounter an unpleasant person on occasion. But if you spread kindness then you’ll probably see it come back to you in many ways.

6 It’s Good for Your Health

Being kind to others has another surprising benefit; it’s good for your health. Being kind doesn’t just make you feel better about yourself; it makes your body feel better. It lowers your blood pressure and helps your body release a good chemical that’s good for your heart. Huffington Post wrote an article on this subject a few years ago that discussed the health benefits of kindness. You can read it by following this link:

7 You’re the Bright Spot in Someone’s Day

This may be the best benefit of all. When you’re kind to others, you’re giving them a bright spot in their day. And the truth is, you never know what others are going through. Your kindness may be the only nice action they receive that day. It could mean more than you realize.

These’re some of the surprising benefits of kindness. What are your thoughts on this subject? I’d love to hear from you!

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