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7 Specific Ways to Practice Gratitude in Your Daily Life ...

By Alicia

Have you been trying to think of some specific ways to practice gratitude in your daily life? I’d love to share my ideas with you. Practicing gratitude is something that I’ve made a personal goal of this year. These are the ways that I’ve been working on this that you can use, too.

1 Capture Your Favorite Moments

Take a moment before you go to bed at night to capture your favorite moment of the day. It’s a nice thing to share on social media if that’s something you enjoy. It makes you feel good to share about the beautiful things in your life. Sharing that snippet of gratitude for the blessings of your day can lift your spirits tremendously. It can even inspire others to be intentional about practicing gratitude in their own life.

2 Keep a Gratitude Journal

While it’s nice to focus on a favorite moment to share publicly, you may have more moments from your day you want to capture. Start a gratitude journal for this. You could choose one small enough to slip in your purse or a bigger one to keep on your nightstand. When something good happens to you, take a moment to write it down. A gratitude journal is also a place where you can pour out your gratitude over the most personal things in your life.


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3 Make Time for Appreciation

Many times we don’t enjoy being grateful because we’re so busy. Life can certainly make you hurried. But getting caught up in that isn’t good. Take time to appreciate things in your life. You’ll be amazed how much you were missing when you do.

4 Write Thank You Notes

Writing thank you notes isn’t just a good thing for the recipient. It’s also good for you as a person to write a thank you note. It forces you to slow down and think about a gift you’ve been given. It’s a moment to savor that someone cared enough about you to give you a gift. I’ll admit that writing a thank you note can feel like a chore but it gives you a happy, warm feeling afterward.

5 Become More Observant

This is something I struggle with. I’m not as naturally observant as much as I’d like to be. A lot of this is because I always have so many different things on my mind. But I’ve noticed that when I make myself pay more attention to my surroundings, then I see more to appreciate. You can miss a lot of beautiful moments by not paying attention.

6 Look at the Flip Side

This is something I’ve had to work on myself but it’s very helpful. If you’re not a naturally optimistic person, this doesn’t come naturally to you. But it’s something you can learn. Train yourself to look on the bright side of situations. In time, it comes easier and reveals how much you truly have to be grateful for.

7 Learn More about Gratitude

I don’t think any of us should ever stop learning. And gratitude is a subject you can always learn more about. My nightstand is currently stacked with several books on this subject that I’m looking forward to reading. If you’re not much of a book girl then there are many wonderful articles about gratitude you can find online. Another way to learn about gratitude is from someone who practices it effortlessly. Ask them to share their secrets with you.

These are 7 ways you can practice gratitude in your life. Which ones are you planning to use? Share your thoughts with me.

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