5 Magical Lessons to Learn from Dad ...


5 Magical Lessons to Learn  from Dad  ...
5 Magical Lessons to Learn  from Dad  ...

On Father’s Day, many will pause to celebrate, recognize, and honor dads everywhere. Dads are more than men who “Bring Home the Bacon,” Dads are important life influencers that weigh in on self-esteem, self-image, confidence, and strong-opinions of what many men may emulate to become or opinions women may form when men enter their lives.

A positive father- daughter- son relationship can have a huge impact and even influence a child’s destiny. It’s almost impossible to sum up all the lessons learned from a father, but here are 5 magical lessons you can always learn from Dad.

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Chivalry is Not Dead

human hair color, girl, mouth, black hair, brown hair, Although, chivalry can be viewed as outdated, it is something magical about a Dad that subtly reveals its importance in the family structure, like a smooth magician. A dad shows his children, that respect for women and others, is important, he demonstrates that no man should be ashamed of waiting for a woman to get on an elevator, helping Mom with the groceries, pumping Moms gas, washing, and detailing her car, respecting woman in the workplace or on a date. Women shouldn’t have to provide subtle hints by waiting in the car, indicating that your dad opened the car door and restaurant door for every lady in the house. These simple gestures provide an understanding that autonomy is just as important as respect. Chivalry or “gentleman behaviors,” is doing everything possible to make a woman feel safe, acknowledged, and respected.


Say Yes to Car Maintenance

car, vehicle, motor vehicle, pink, product, Dads are there to let you know that car maintenance isn’t just a male thing. Knowing how to take care of a car is just as important as learning how to drive one. Dads must teach the basics, which may include checking your oil levels, anti-freeze and windshield wiper fluids, tire pressure, and most importantly changing a tire. This magical lesson teaches a daughter that she can do anything boys can do. Dads also help to show that taking care of something properly and being attentive to the maintenance of a car, can maintain its performance and value. It also doesn’t hurt, that Dads created the opportunity for you to pick-up some smooth problem-solving skills along the way.


The Closest Thing to a Superhero

public relations, product, Dads are the closest reminder of superheroes. Dads are the rock and one of, if not the biggest fan to have, which influence the building of a positive self-esteem. Dads understand and help with math homework. Many of you may have found Algebra to be the hardest, as dad sat at the kitchen table patiently coming to your aid. Dads are out there on the baseball field coaching the tee-ball league. Some, might find dad, selling Girl Scout cookies at work, jumping at the opportunity to take his children to work day, or sitting in admiration at his son’s football games or daughter’s dance recitals. Dad can even be found, posing as a secret Valentine’s admirer because a dad can’t bear to see the disappointment on his daughter’s face on Valentine’s Day. A day is always more magical when dad shows up. Dads are the superheroes of life!


Learn to Ride a Bike

land vehicle, road bicycle, bicycle, cycling, vehicle, Many of us, if we thought back to the first bike riding experience, it would be with Dad. For, the first bike ride, Dad is there to share the most valuable lesson that “When you fall, you have to get back up.” Looking back, do you remember being afraid to get on the bike in the first place? You, then gather the courage to get on the bike, Dad is holding the bike, and running alongside you, Dad let’s go, pushes bike off, and there you go, riding into the wind. Dad sees that you are doing great, with a smile on his face, then suddenly, you begin to lose control, stumble, and fall from the bike. Many of you are touching or looking at the knee you scraped. Tears stream from your face, after the fall. Does this story, sound familiar? One important thing about this story, after the fall, is that Dad runs up, checks to see that you are ok, and doesn’t say ok, let’s go inside, Dad says let’s get back on the bike, because you and I are not quitters. Although, a very simplistic story, Dad taught you one of your most valuable lessons in life, that you don’t want quitting to become a habit, you want to be able to be knocked down only temporarily to get back up.


Take the Lead

, Children learn from the best, and the best can be your dad. Dads lead from the top, they are hungry to serve others or provide a need by starting their own non-profit or profit business, to empower others and giving freely of their time and talents. Dad’s never stop learning. They are always seeking out new innovative ways to do things and encourage you to seek other opportunities. In the end, what you realize is that your Dad’s, Dad taught your Dad. In my family, my grandfather earned his first degree in history at the age of 75, what an inspiration. He also played in the Negro Baseball League. Both my Dad and brother followed in my grandfather’s footsteps, playing baseball up to college. Those personal examples as you consider your family-tree, take on the meaning and importance of empowerment. Dad leads by example, creating his own personal leadership opportunity, and the opportunity for other family members to be inspiring leaders.

As you and I ride the magic carpet down memory lane, take on the attitude of being exceptional to your children, take the lead, as you encourage your family, friends, colleagues, associates, and even strangers. Taking the lead is “leaving your children enough so they can do anything, but not so much they can do nothing,” Warren Buffett, now that is true magic!

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