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The Most Sensible Advice Youll Receive in Your 20s ...

By Deeceebee

You will no doubt be like me and ignore the most sensible advice you receive in your 20s but I now wish I hadn’t! I think it’s fair to say that when you are a young whipper snapper (lol – it’s only grandparents that call you that usually!) barely into your twenties, you simply think that there isn’t anything anybody can tell you that you don’t already know! It is a privilege of the young and inexperienced to think that they already know all there is to know at such a tender age, but as we all know, reality can very quickly start to make you see that things are different and maybe less ideal! To help you avoid such a mental crash, here is some of the most sensible advice you’ll receive in your 20s.

Table of contents:

  1. Network
  2. Read
  3. Take care of your body
  4. Get educated
  5. Be aware of your mental health
  6. Create good habits
  7. Build meaningful relationships
  8. Manage your money
  9. Know where you are going

1 Network

Don’t trust your ego and think that everything is going to be handed to you on a plate when you want it. If you want to succeed in life and career, you need to make the effort of networking to put those contacts and opportunities in place. You are a small fish in a big pond, and you need to do things and make introductions that are going to get you remembered!

2 Read

Don’t be one of those millennials that has never picked up a book and prefers to binge on Netflix. From classic literature to non fiction to self help and everything in between, the more you read, the more learned you are. You can gain much more from a good book than from three entire seasons of Love Island.

3 Take Care of Your Body

Your body might be firm and tight now, but it isn’t always going to be that way, especially if you don’t make the effort to maintain it! Work out, eat well, and do everything you like in moderation, it’s not a hard regime to follow but it is one that will set you up for many healthy and attractive years to come! Treat your body like a temple.

4 Get Educated

These days, just having the one diploma isn’t always enough. If you have the time and the money, then spend it on further education to better both yourself and your prospects for the future. Aside from the career implications, the privilege of being able to learn new and interesting things should never be taken for granted.

5 Be Aware of Your Mental Health

Please do not go through your 20s thinking that those little spells of depression or anxiety that you have will go away on their own, because they won’t. If untreated and un-confronted, they will only get bigger and bigger as your adult responsibilities grow. Society has done so much for removing the stigma of mental health chat, so make sure that you make the most of it and never be afraid to share you concerns with someone.

6 Create Good Habits

We tend to want to stay in a young adult version of ourselves for as long as possible, but this can lead to immaturity. The sooner you start to create and upkeep good adult habits, the better.

7 Build Meaningful Relationships

As you grow older you will learn to treasure your friends, so your twenties is the time to make decisions about the friends you want in your life. Encourage friendships with those who are a positive force in your life. Remove yourself from toxic friendships.

8 Manage Your Money

You might not have all the money to do everything you want in your 20s but ALWAYS think toward the future. Not having enough money only gets worse as you get older. Manage your finances sensibly now and start making provisions for your future even if you only save a small amount.

9 Know Where You Are Going

You can set goals at any age but in your 20s you should have some kind of defined path of where you want to go and where you see yourself in 10, 20 and even 30 years. If you have goals you have something to work toward and not just drift from job to job, and relationship to relationship.

Don’t look back in 10 years with regret. A life of coulda, woulda, shoulda is not much fun. Follow this sensible advice now and live a life you love and deserve.

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