11 Life Changing Feel Good Confidence Boosters ...


11 Life Changing Feel Good Confidence Boosters ...
11 Life Changing Feel Good Confidence Boosters ...

Life can definitely bring you down, especially during this stressful time of year, but here are some great confidence boosters that will help you feel great and look great every day! All eleven tips have helped me personally and I hope they will do the same for you. If you need a little pick-me-up, let's go! Here are 11 confidence boosters to inspire you.

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Dressing to Impress

Some of you may be thinking, "Really? That’s a bit conceited," but I can assure you that this, the top of all of my confidence boosters, is one of the most subtle and powerful ways to change your perspective about yourself as well as change your perspective on your world. As the daughter of an image consultant, I have personally seen women getting transformed before my eyes with a simple makeup/hair touch up and outfit change. Their confidence soars and it’s such a beautiful thing to see! Personally when I dress up (especially when I wear a suit) I feel more professional and sharp: I am more willing to get out of the house, I feel more productive, and I feel more confident.


Meditate at Least 15 Minutes a Day

Relaxing your muscles and your brain is powerful and life changing for sure. I had personally been so stressed and anxious all four years of college and didn’t really ever think to take a few minutes to meditate. Now that real life has hit I’m understanding that meditation is soothing and life changing. Put on some calming/piano music or just listen to the ocean – sit cross-legged on the floor or on your bed and close your eyes. Just listen… try not to think anything for just 15 minutes!


Be Open to Compliments

Have you ever put pride over happiness? I used to. I used to be open to listening to compliments but wouldn't actually internalize the compliments because I was too busy beating myself up about something. Make a list and hang it on your wall. You need to start BELIEVING in yourself – start believing that if someone says you look great or ARE great, know that you are.


Learn Something New Every Day

Knowledge is powerful. The feeling of knowing even a little about a lot will definitely be a confidence booster because you’ll feel in the loop about what’s going on around you. Make it a personal goal to learn something new every day – this doesn’t need to be a stressful task, though. Even if you focus on 2-5 topics that really interest you, invest some time learning new facts about your personal topics. You love fashion? Great – learn how to do a new makeup look. Have a passion for cooking? Learn a new recipe. Do anything and everything that makes you happy.


Pep Talk to Yourself

Even if this means looking at yourself in the mirror, make sure to give yourself a pep talk every single day. Printing out a bunch of positive quotes or affirmations and posting them on my walls, in my phone, or even on my mirrors is a great daily reminder. You will be a better you by helping you first! Pep talking boosts your self-confidence and will help you become a better student, daughter, friend, employee... everything!


Organize Your Room and Desk

When you feel and see cleanliness and organization every day, you will feel more at ease. I know some of you may be like one of my best friends, Danielle, who manages to stay organized in the midst of her clutter. But even she needs to go through her clutter every now and then to set her priorities straight and figure out how to move forward – this can only be done through organizing your room, your desk, or any of your personal spaces (such as your car or apartment/condo).


Understand You Should Pamper Yourself

Remember what I said about how I used to put my pride over my happiness? Well, I never really allowed myself to feel or get pampered either. My pride just got in the way. I’ve recently been repeating to myself every day that I deserve and accept favors and getting pampered every now and then. It’s a great way to feel more confident as well as appreciate yourself for the fabulous lady you are!


Surround Yourself with Positivity

This means positive: people, music, TV shows, movies, and situations. Sounds easy, right? Well, most of us DO put pride over happiness in most cases and then suffer the consequences of feeling down, depressed, and not worthy. Don’t let that friend of yours who always takes you for granted push you around. Don’t allow a negative song to replay all day in your mind and make you feel depressed. Try to start small first. Listen to an uplifting song today and be conscious of how your mood changes. Next time someone is making you feel uncomfortable or edgy, walk away from the situation.



Don’t forget to breathe! Sounds obvious because our bodies do it all the time, right? Well, the breathing I’m referring to is deep breathing. When you take a few moments during the course of your day to breathe in and out very heavily, it pumps more oxygen to your brain and helps you relax.


Be Conscious of Your Diet

I know I’m going to be that girl and address your diet. Trust me, I’m guilty of not eating properly all the time too… I have a slight addiction to sugar… okay, I’m heavily addicted to sugar. The bottom line is that when you don’t eat properly you’re body feels the aftermath and if your body doesn’t feel good, you won’t feel good. Take care of yourself by trying to eat more salads, lean meats, and fruits. I typed up a menu for the week and have been trying to stick to it… it’s been working so far and I can already see a difference!


Practice the Attitude of Gratitude

I’ve saved one of the best feel good confidence boosters for last. Everyone has probably heard this saying in one form or another. But how many of us actually practice it? How many of us practice this every day? Telling yourself how grateful you are for your family, friends, job, school, opportunities, etc. can be very difficult especially when you’re in the middle of a storm. Well, I’m going to through out another famous saying: fake it till you make it. That’s right… even if you need to fake a smile to yourself in the mirror or tell yourself 15 times that you’re thankful for the situation you’re in right now, you will start a subtle shift in your life and actually begin a manifestation in your life. Just try it, the worst thing that could happen is getting caught smiling to yourself in the mirror!

So ladies, make sure to take care of yourself. Start practicing these life changing feel good confidence boosters today and implement them into your new life – New Year's is right around the corner, these can be great New Year Resolutions to help you become a better you! What is something that makes you feel confident?

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This is all so true!

how can i share it on fb? its not letting me :(

Very interesting and useful x

Checkout daily calendars. There's plenty of ones out there to aid with most of these confidence boosters. Word, quote, inspiration, goal, recipe, picture, crossword, cartoon...of the day. My parents have been giving me one of these calendars every holiday season. Love 'em!

Yes awesome article indeed 💛💛

Absolutely love all these tips ! Thank you :)

Befriend well known model on twitter, then hook up and have massive make-out session. . . Get invited to Ski Resort. . Have incredible session in Hot Tub. . . and Limo. . . Boosted Confidence into Geosynchronous orbit, lol

Wonderful tips!

This is wonderful thank you

Truly brilliant. Going through horrible time after miscarriage last week. Really needed this. Thank you truly. Saved this to my journal.

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