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Trying to boost your outlook on life can seem impossible at times. Whether it’s work getting you down, relationship problems, fights with friends, budget issues…it seems that there are endless things that can make you feel down for weeks on end. Soon enough, you’ll be fantasizing about big changes, and utterly convinced that the grass is greener everywhere else. So how do you boost your outlook when you really need it the most? Here’s some great ways to change your mood, and give your attitude the overhaul it needs.

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Walk in the Sun

It might sound like a cliché, but actually getting out to go for a walk in the sun is a great way to boost your outlook. Why? Well, the sun makes everybody feel good, and it’s not just because everything looks prettier bathed in light. The sun provides you with Vitamin D, and if your levels drop, it can be responsible for putting you in a foul mood. Exercise has the same chemical benefit, releasing endorphins that will cause your mood to naturally lift. That’s not to mention the benefits of getting out and taking your mind off your problems! Just remember to take a drink if you are walking when it’s hot, and let somebody know where you are.


Play Phone Lotto

Feel like there is nothing you can do to boost your own situation? How about helping someone else instead? Take your phone out, and scroll through your contacts list. Then do something nice for whoever it lands on. Is there a favor you could do to make their life easier? Do they need a listening ear? Could you grab them a coffee, or take them some homemade cookies? The Dalai Lama was convinced that happiness was about thinking of others, instead of yourself. Give his theory a try.


Indulge Once in a While

You know that feeling you get when you buy someone you love something they like – whether it’s a jumper they’ve been lusting after or just their favorite coffee on the way home? You feel good because you’ve made someone happy, and they feel loved and appreciated. Remember to love and appreciate yourself sometimes, too. Grab yourself a big tub of Ben and Jerry’s, or a frozen yoghurt, or that dress that you can’t resist. If it’s within your budget, and won’t stretch you too hard, indulging in something you love can only boost your mood.


Hit the Zumba Hall

Have you tried Zumba yet?! Not only is it great exercise, but it’s perfect for improving your mood, too. If you are feeling down, grab your exercise kit and find the nearest Zumba lesson, or download a demo onto your games console. Turn the music up, and lose yourself trying to perfect those crazy moves. It’ll release stress and tension, and have you smiling in no time.


Find Your Killer Clothing

Put on something totally outrageous. A bright neon dress with cut-away sides. A huge hat. Some amazing boots. Forget about your usual style and wardrobe choices, and wear things that might look crazy, but make you feel amazing. Walk with confidence, and you can’t fail to see all the admiring faces as people take in your attitude – and you’ll soon believe that kick-ass attitude, too.


Grab Your Dog

Pets are wonderful. They don’t care what mood you are in, as long as you feed them and love them, and their love is 100% unconditional. When you are feeling down, a hug with your dog can be all you need to lift your spirits. If you don’t have a dog, try volunteering for a local kennel, or going to fuss the dogs at your local rescue. You won’t believe how quickly canine cuddles can make everything seem alright.


Do Something Scary

One of the best ways to boost your outlook? Doing something scary. It might sound counter-productive, but it’ll really help you to re-evaluate life. Pick something – anything – that you are usually scared of. It could be something big, like white water rafting or roller coasters, or it could be something small, like talking to your boss or calling important people. Make it your aim to conquer the fear. Once you’ve done it, you’ll feel amazing – and you can get that same buzz again by conquering your next fear. If you need an easy challenge to get you started, try wearing a style that you’ve always been too scared to rock before!

One or two of these things will never fail to boost your outlook, and none of them take very much time. If you’ve only got a few minutes, try finding somewhere natural to sit and let everything go. Ducks work perfectly in my case – watching ducklings in a pond is so stress relieving, and blocking your thoughts for a while can do you the world of good. Have you found a way to boost your outlook and change your mood? I’d love to hear it!

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Great ideas! I really like the idea of doing something scary - I'm always overcome with giggles when the scare is over!

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