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Being positive every day is so important, which is why I am going to share some of the best affirmations! It’s amazing how we can create our own reality based on how we feel and think every day: pay attention to what you say and how you view yourself. The best affirmations will create subtle shifts in your life and will become your new best friends! Make sure to repeat and meditate on these every day:

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I Can Achieve Greatness

One of the most influential and best affirmations to tell yourself every day is that you can achieve greatness! Focus on a big dream or goal that you have and then attach the emotion of happiness/pride/joy/success to that vision. By telling yourself and believing that you can achieve greatness, it will turn into your new reality!


I Love and Accept Myself

Self-love is the most important love. No, I don’t mean romantic love…I mean appreciation and respect for yourself. If you have confidence and pride in the things that you do every single day, you will begin to see yourself in a new light and be encouraged and inspired to do bigger and better things. When I struggled during my internship this past summer, I stopped loving myself because I was constantly being put down and I didn’t feel good enough. The more I put myself down, the worse I felt, and it was destroying me. Only through gratitude and self-love did I move forward and feel better about myself and my purpose.


I Believe I Can do Anything

Say this to yourself throughout the day. It’s so important to counsel yourself and encourage yourself all the time. Don’t be afraid to raise the bar. Don’t be afraid to dream big. You are able to do anything and everything that you put your mind to. Things may not, unfortunately, happen or become clear to you overnight, but believe that if you DO believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything!


I Have an Amazing Life

This may be a tough one to say out loud, especially if you’re going through a rough time right now. I can tell you, from experience, that if you are feeling down and just keep playing the world’s smallest violin in your head and moping around with more negative thoughts, you will spiral out of control. Even if you have to fake it until you make it right now, tell yourself that you love your life!


I Attract a Successful Relationship

You deserve an amazing relationship, you deserve an amazing boyfriend/husband who will treat you like a princess and be there for you no matter what. Do not settle for second best. By loving yourself, you will change your energy and in turn give off good energy into the Universe to attract people and relationships who will love you the way that you love you. Repeat this one to yourself every single day.


I Attract a Successful Career

Same advice applies to attracting a successful career. If you’re struggling or have lost faith that you can’t possibly ever be happy in your career, take this time to re-evaluate your situation and discover if you should change your attitude or change your career path. Sometimes we dig ourselves in a big hole because of negative thoughts and then we can’t get out. Try to change your attitude about the way you think about your job. Regardless of your situation right now, tell yourself that you now choose to attract a successful career and watch how the pieces will slowly fall into place!


Today Will Be Awesome

This is definitely something you should tell yourself as soon as you wake up each morning! Each new day is a chance to start fresh and make an impact on others around you. I often times look at myself in the mirror and say this because it provides a visual that I can carry with me throughout the day. Even if you’re feeling down, look at yourself in the mirror and smile so that you will have an image of yourself being happy and smiling. The more you focus on positive thoughts, the more productive and fresh and encouraged you will be throughout the day.


Everything Happens for a Reason

We’ve all heard this saying…maybe too many times. But you know what? I fully believe it. For someone like me who is an extreme control freak who wants everything and everyone to be perfect all the time, it has been life changing. I will admit this isn’t something that I had believed in during my school years. Now that I’m graduated and realize I have no control over anything, I am learning that the situations that are taking place in my life are going according to a bigger master plan. I have tried taking control of situations and just ended up going nowhere in the end. This New Year, internalize that good or bad, everything happens for a reason; you will always be taken care of and whether you know it or not, bigger and better things are being prepared for you from behind the scenes!


I Am Special and Beautiful

You really are. Believe it. Internalize it. Repeat it to yourself every single day…several times during the day: I am beautiful, I am special. Giving yourself these positive affirmations will uplift your spirit and heal a broken heart. Yes it’s difficult to see the magic in yourself when you’re going through a rough time, but you can create your own happiness and success. This magic starts with believing that you are special, worthy, and beautiful!


I Am Loved by Others

Open yourself up to feeling loved by others. If someone compliments you, believe them. The scene from "Mean Girls" probably comes to mind but you know what? Whether someone means the compliment or not, take it and own it, girl!


I Make the Right Choices

Trust your intuition and trust your gut. By telling yourself every single day that you trust yourself and that you make the right choices, the more you will begin to internalize and act on your thoughts. Repetition is key and although the changes may not happen overnight, you will begin a subtle shift in your life slowly but surely.

Ladies, it is absolutely crucial to post/repeat/meditate on all of these positive affirmations every single day. Which affirmation do you tell yourself every day? Which of the 11 affirmations will you use the most?

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Thanks for sharing...sometimes I get so stuck in the things I want that I forget I Do have an AMAZING life.☺️

Great article.. Alwas happy to read these.. Defo put this back in to My daily routine.. Thanx

I love it thank you!!!

Starting high school tomorrow, this was a great and positive confidence booster! Thank you xx

Just what I needed...love these! Thanks

love. I needed this!

I absolutely love this! I will definitely add this to my routine :)

Love this!

These kind of articles are great. Especially when I'm feeling a little down-- thanks!

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