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I always wanted to learn more ways to motivate other people since I believe this is one of the best skills anyone can have. The ability to motivate other people is something most leaders dream of having because this apparently very simple quality is the one that will help them achieve their objectives. Once someone’s basic needs are met, they will be more eager to fulfill all the tasks they have to complete. Just think of how many problems you could solve just by being able to motivate others to reach their goals; it’s basically your key to success at work and even at home. Just read on and discover a few amazing and at the same time, very efficient ways to motivate other people:

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Be a Good Listener

One of the best ways to motivate other people is by learning how to be a good listener. It’s actually not that hard to do. You just need to put a little effort into it and have a bit more patience than you usually have. Everybody likes to feel important, so don’t neglect those around you! Pay attention to what they have to say and always keep an open ear because people like to think that they are making a difference. Through your behavior, you will encourage the ones around you to come up with creative solutions to their problems and you will be an inspiration to all of them.


Ask Open-Ended Questions

By asking someone more open-ended questions, you will help them figure out what they want, what their dreams are and you will also help them discover different ways to achieve them. Be encouraging and ask for more details when something doesn’t seem very clear to you! Just show genuine interest for what they have to say because most people fear that they might seem childish or stupid when they’re talking about their biggest dreams. Be supportive, because working towards reaching a goal can be pretty scary sometimes.


Offer Them Help

One of the simplest things you can do in order to motivate the ones around you is to simply offer them your help. Most people won’t actually need anything from you, but the thought of knowing you are there by their side is very comforting and it will motivate them to try and fulfill all their dreams, even the ones which might seem impossible or crazy at first.


Treat People Kindly

Always treat people kindly! Show them respect even if they don’t deserve it sometimes. After all, you are doing this for yourself, and if you want to become an amazing leader someday, you should know that you will only succeed that by treating the people around you with the utmost respect and kindness. People love to know that they’re doing a good job, so try to always praise them, give credit where credit is due and acknowledge their hard work.


Give People Responsibility

Even if you think that you can’t always rely on others to take care of certain things, try to overcome this misconception and give people responsibility in order to motivate them. When possible, delegate to others because when someone is responsible for a certain task, they will find the motivation they need to complete it, because they know they can do it since you trusted them with that task and this means that you believe in their ability to accomplish it.


Set Stretched Goals

If you’re trying to become an amazing leader and you’re looking for different ways to motivate your team, then one of the things you could do is to set some goals that shouldn’t be too easy and that shouldn’t be unattainable either. If they are too easy, your team might reach them too quickly and they will soon lose interest in that activity and also, if they are too hard to obtain, they might lose their motivation because they might feel that, no matter what they do, they won’t be able to reach that goal. So make sure you find a goal that “would push them to achieve just a little more than they have in the past and keep raising the bar from there.


Keep People Informed

Everyone likes to know what’s going on, so don’t leave anyone in the dark! Make sure that you always have enough time to communicate important things and be open about the decisions you’re making. Ask for advice from other people and value their opinion. You will inspire them and they will respect you for being honest and reliable.

When you are trying to motivate the people around you is really important to strengthen their sense of belonging and to always encourage them, so they can achieve all their dreams. Do you know any other effective ways to motivate people? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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