7 Compliments That Cheer You up ...


7 Compliments That Cheer You up ...
7 Compliments That Cheer You up ...

We all have those days where we need a little pick me up, and these 7 compliments that cheer you up can do just that. On our off days, it’s a pretty cool thing to hear what good things people say about you. Compliments that make you feel good about the ways you look, your intelligence, or a specific talent you have, can give you the confidence to get through the day, and can make you feel a lot better than when your day first started. I hope these 7 compliments that cheer you up, actually cheer you up!

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Bad hair days can really make you feel down. Your hairstyle usually brings your whole outfit together. It’s almost more important than your outfit. Having someone comment on how it looks in a positive way can be what you need to get through your day. Knowing that someone likes what your hair looks like, even if you don’t, makes you feel awesome to be you! I definitely consider this one of the best compliments that cheer you up.



We all know how long it takes us women to get ready. I know I want to take my time so that I can make sure every detail is in place. I make sure that everything looks decent, matches perfectly, and is the right blend of accessories and clothing. When someone takes the time to comment on an outfit, or your style as a whole, you really feel good about how you’ve put everything together to be the stylish you that you can be. It’s especially one of the best compliments that cheer you up because it makes you feel great, even if you think you’re having an off day, and everyone else thinks you look good.


Beautiful Eyes

They say that the eyes are the portals to the soul. I’m pretty sure they’re right about that. When people look at you, your eyes are one of the first things people notice. It’s also what makes you unique. The shape, the color, the emotions that come through them - they are one of the best features about you. And when someone comments on them, it can make you feel tons better about yourself if you’re not having a good day. Everyone’s eyes are different, and it’s nice to have someone who gives you compliments that cheer you up, and offer you kind words too.


Nice Smile

Wearing a smile is a great way to show others that you enjoy life and want to spread your happiness. A smile says a lot about a person. There are so many different types of smiles, and all of them are beautiful. They are full of light and are super pleasant to see all around you. A smile is so inviting, and it’s been proven that if you smile, even when you’re feeling down, it can have a positive effect on your mood! So show off those stunning pearly whites ladies!


Good Sense of Humor

Everyone loves someone who enjoys a good joke, and can tell one too. It shows that you like to have fun and can laugh at situations that may have been hard to deal with. Humor can lighten your mood, and laughter is always a good cure for sadness. For someone to say that you’ve made them laugh or feel better, even when you don’t, is one of the greatest compliments anyone can give.



Everyone likes to hear that people think they are intelligent. It’s a good thing too, because there are so many ways to be intelligent. If someone tells you that you’re intelligent, it can make you feel like the smartest person in the room, even if you don’t feel you are, and boy does that feel good. Intelligence is a sign that you know what you’re talking about, and that you have grasped the ideas/lessons/formulas, etc. that help you excel in something particular, or as a whole. Intelligence is one of the most essential parts of you, and you should be proud that someone took notice!



This is perhaps one of the most important compliments. People who know you (or don’t know you) are always try to get an understanding of your personality. Whether you are reserved, outgoing or friendly, it’s great to hear that people appreciate and love you for you. Your personality is a blend of all the greatest things about you, and it’s good to know that people like you and want to be around you! So, if you’re feeling low, just let your personality shine, and I’m sure someone will appreciate and compliment you for it!

It’s a bummer when you don’t feel so good about yourself. But, when people offer you compliments about yourself, it can make your day a whole lot brighter. I know when I hear these 7 compliments that cheer you up, it makes me feel great about being me. Hopefully, they make you feel awesome too! What compliments cheer you up?

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On thing I don't like about this list is superficial things i.e. your looks are higher up on the list of compliments then things like your intelligence, sense of humour, and personality. I personally believe women and girls receive compliments based only on there looks way more often then on who they really are. Also I would personally be more flattered if someone complimented me on being funny, smart, or just an all around good person

Did you read the article?? Please don't think I'm being rude... But the author states that personality is one of the best and most important compliments you can receive. She also states that is important to be intelligent and should be taken as a huge compliment. She clearly did not make this list based on any type of ordered number importance. Also, when you first meet someone, or do not really know someone that well it is much easier to compliment them on the things you can immediately see. I tell my friends and family how smart, kind, and wonderful they are... But I do not tell that to people I barely know. I guess it is just personal opinion. But I do agree Madison96 compliments on my personality or intellect are so much better.

Hi guys, these aren't numbered in order.the order is random. Of course intelligence is important :-)

I agree with you @Madison96

The compliments were prefaced by the writer, Amber, as things you'd really like to hear if you' re having one of THOSE days. Having had many, I can say that when someone takes a moment to say "gee, you look great today," or "love your hair" it makes a difference. I'm sure we've all had similar experiences

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