13 Easy-to-Achieve Mood Improvers when You're Feeling Low ...


13 Easy-to-Achieve Mood Improvers when You're Feeling Low ...
13 Easy-to-Achieve Mood Improvers when You're Feeling Low ...

Don't we all have those days where, from the moment we wake up, we could use some mood improvers to kick-start our attitudes ? I know I do! Some days are just off and we need a little mental focus to recenter and prepare ourselves for the rest of the day. Here are some simple yet super effective mood improvers to get you out of your funk!

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Exercise always, always improves my mood when I'm down. We all know that when you work out, your body releases endorphins which are natural mood improvers. You also feel more connected to your body when you're active and sometimes you can actually pinpoint if there was a reason behind your low mood or if it's something deeper.


Eat Something Healthy

Food really plays an important role in our mood fluctuations. Some are more sensitive to various foods or lack there of, so it's important to know your body and recognize if your mood is being affected by your food consumption. So, pick your favorite healthy meal or snack for a little boost of energy. I love green smoothies and always feel fantastic after having one!


Drink Coffee

The caffeine in coffee acts as a stimulant, bumps up your energy and generally puts your mind in a more active place. If you're a caffeine addict (like me!) and you skip your morning coffee, you can easily slip into feeling foggy and dragged down. Even if you don't regularly consume it, a hot cup of coffee is comforting and so yummy this time of year! There's "perks" all around!


Listen to Inspirational Music

I just love the way listening to my favorite tunes puts me in an upbeat mood. Our feelings and emotions are heavily influenced by the music that we listen too. Think about how you felt the last time your listened to soothing instrumental music, or an upbeat, motivational song? I'm sure you can relate to the emotions. That's also the reason why almost all of those who exercise regularly, do it to inspirational and motivational music!


See a Close Friend

Friends have a unique way of cheering us up when we're down. They usually know exactly what to say to encourage you and keep you going. Most likely, you'll be caught up in conversation anyway and completely forget about your bad mood. You'll catch up and improve your mood at the same time!


Do a Little Retail Therapy

Shopping can provide a quick mood boost and it's always fun to get a little something new! However, I wouldn't recommend shopping if you're currently on a tight budget and are stressing about finances. That could potentially increase your low mood once the thrill of a shopping trip wears off. But if you're in good standing with your financial situation, then visit your favorite shop for a little retail therapy!


Write Something!

Writing is a personal way of releasing emotions, whether good or bad. Next time you're feeling low, try writing something, anything, and see what comes out. Maybe start out describing your day and what went awry. Chances are you'll feel much better just by thinking and processing your emotions on paper.


Be Generous

If you're feeling down, the last thing you might think of is to do something for someone else, but it's a little known instant mood booster. That's right, helping someone carry something, pay someone a compliment or cover the toll for the person behind you makes you feel good and it brightens someone else's day, too.


Look on the Bright Side

Eternal optimists will say that there is always a bright side to everything and that might be the key to their undying positivity. Life can get really complicated at times, but if you're able to see a silver lining in that cloud, even if it's just the slightest sliver of a silver lining, can change everything. We might not always see the immediate benefits or purpose of certain things that happen, but if you can look at things in a positive light, you're better equipped to take on just about anything life throws your way.


Take a Nap

Sometimes, we're just mentally and physically exhausted and need a break. Turn off your electronics and treat yourself to a short nap. Napping helps improve alertness, heightens your senses and prevents burnout. According to a Harvard Business School study, researchers found that we often arrive at better decisions when we let our unconscious mull it over while we sleep. If you have a big decision to make or just want a break, find a quiet spot and take a much deserved nap.


Sniff Citrus

Do you have a favorite perfume or scent that makes you happy? For me, that's anything that smells like cotton candy or peppermint; both of those scents instantly lift my spirits. WebMD suggests sniffing a lemon when you're feeling down or stressed. They state that a Japanese study found that a substance found in lemons called linalool can help calm the fight or flight response. If lemon isn't your thing, try cinnamon, peppermint or rosemary.


Play with Your Pet

One thing that always makes me feel better no matter what is going on in my life is to play with my pet. Rubbing my dog's belly or playing ball with them not only gets them super hyped up, but their enthusiasm is contagious! If you don't have a pet at home, visit a friend who does or watch funny videos with animals online.


Create Something

Even if you don't consider yourself the artsy type, letting your emotions out through a painting, drawing or craft project can do wonders for your mood. It doesn't have to be perfect and you don't ever have to show anyone. Working on something can help take your mind off of things or even help you look at things differently. You never know what secret talents you have that can help you work through things unless you explore!

We all can relate to having bad days and off moments. I've tried all these methods of mood improvers and they all work well in changing how I feel for the better! Next time you're feeling low for no serious reason, try one of these simple methods. What are some of the ways you've found effective in reversing a bad mood? Any added tips would be amazing!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington.

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