7 Heartfelt Quotes from Laura Ingalls Wilder ...

I thought I’d remind myself and share with you some quotes from Laura Ingalls Wilder. I may be British but one of the first books that had a profound effect on me as a child was Little House in the Big Woods. I felt the first stirrings of wanderlust as I lay on my bed in a little town in Middle England and dreamed of adventures in woods bigger than I could ever imagine. And then of course, I vicariously migrated to the prairies as the Ingalls family moved from Wisconsin to Kansas. I devoured the stories of adventure and status quo, of hardship and success, of love and loss and of family life. The quotes from Laura Ingalls Wilder serve to remind us of all those experiences and emotions of our own lives.

1. Work

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Once we throw off the carefree and unlimiting bonds of childhood we seem to spend so many years in a whirlwind of activity of work, family, socializing and just getting through the week. We chase life at breakneck speed in pursuit of things that we think will make us happy. This is one of the great quotes from Laura Ingalls Wilder that reminds us that there IS more to life, if we just take the time to stop and smell the flowers.

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