7 Beautiful Quotes about the Fall Season ...


7 Beautiful Quotes about the Fall Season ...
7 Beautiful Quotes about the Fall Season ...

When the leaves start to change color, the whole world just seems to glow, which is a sentiment shared by many and is captured in many quotes about the fall season. As wonderful as summer is, there is something special about fall. The air is crisp, but not freezing. The leaves on the trees are beautiful, and everything seems so calm. If you happen to share these opinions about autumn, then you will love reading the following quotes about the fall season.

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Second Chances

Second Chances This is one of the most inspiring quotes about the fall season, because it speaks not only to the beauty of the season, but also to the idea of second chances. Just like the leaves in the fall get a second chance at being beautiful, people also get second chances in life. If you ever find yourself feeling like you have failed, remember that you will have your second chance, just like the fall leaves!


The Season of Gold

The Season of Gold Autumn is such a beautiful season, and this is such a beautiful quote. It is very true that fall is a season that is resplendent with the colors of gold. Just look at the leaves on the trees! They are warm gold, orange, and red tones, which is just so beautiful.


A Smile from Mother Nature

A Smile from Mother Nature Winter can be so harsh and cold, but as this quote by William Cullen Bryant points out, fall is like a warm embrace from Mother Nature. Fall is such a gorgeous season. The weather is nice and trees are full of color. It really is like Mother Nature is smiling.



Bliss I don’t know about you, but I certainly get excited when the leaves start to fall from the trees. They blow in the wind and fall on the ground where I can stomp on them and make crunching sounds! It is just so fun and blissful, just like being a kid again, which is why I love this quote. It speaks to the bliss of childhood that fall can bring out.


Slow down

Slow down This quote from Elizabeth Lawrence is so wise. It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of life. However, it truly is important to slow down, because that is when life is enjoyable. This fall, slow down and take some time to watch the leaves change color!


Renewed Energy

Renewed Energy Summer is a time to take a break, but, as this quote points out, fall is when life starts again. The new school year begins, and people get busier. There is an energy in the air that isn’t there in summer. Perhaps, as Fitzgerald suggests, part of this renewed energy comes from the crisp air.


Finding the Path

Finding the Path Have you ever walked down a path that was covered in leaves? As this quote points out, you can’t see it. However, this quote isn’t just speaking about fall; it is also talking about how your path in life can sometimes become hidden. When that happens, you need a fresh wind to clear the leaves and reveal your path again.

All of these quotes beautifully capture the spirit of the fall season. So much so, that they might make you want to put on a sweater and go for a walk in the crisp fall air. Which of these quotes is your favorite?

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