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13 Motivational Quotes about Hard Work ...

By Crystal

When I'm feeling a little uninspired at the start of my work day, I read motivational quotes about hard work. They always make me work harder and energize me even when I feel like there's no real point to what I'm doing. Before any big project, I look up quotes about hard work and instantly feel more motivated. If you've ever doubted the true power of hard work, these quotes will change your mind.

1 The Dictionary

The DictionaryVince Lombardi and a few other people have said one of my favorite quotes about hard work. Sometimes we're so focused on success that we forget it takes hard work before we get there. When I feel ready to give up because I'm not successful yet, I read this single quote and remember I just need to work harder. Success will come when the work required is done. The work may be hard, but the success at the end is a sweet victory that makes it all worth while.

2 What Makes It Great

What Makes It GreatI love this quote from the movie A League Of Their Own. It reminds me that some of the most important things in life are things we must work hard for. Hard work is what sets us apart from everyone else. Otherwise, we'd all do the exact same things. There's something immensely satisfying about working hard and succeeding.


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3 Dreams and Hard Work

Dreams and Hard WorkColin Powell nailed this perfectly. I've been called a dreamer, but I go a step beyond that. I know dreams don't just magically come true. I have to work hard to turn them into a reality. While I'd love to think wishful thinking is enough, I feel incredible when I turn that spark of a dream into a raging fire that becomes my reality.

4 Be Valuable

Be ValuableAlbert Einstein makes a great point in this powerful quote. Hard work means going beyond just trying to be successful. It means becoming so valuable that you become essential to the role. You might get your foot through the door in your dream company, but until you've proven your value by working hard, you probably won't be promoted. I love that this quote makes you look beyond success.

5 Talent versus Hard Work

Talent versus Hard WorkAs a writer myself, this motivational quote from Stephen King is a constant reminder that talent alone isn't enough. Without hard work, all the talent in the world is useless. It's all about how you use your talent and how hard you work to become better. Reading this makes me realize that hard work is the most important thing while talent comes second.

6 More Luck

More LuckThomas Jefferson did a great job in defining where luck actually comes from – hard work. Sometimes we think people of others as lucky. What we don't see is all the hard work they put in. Luck isn't something that just happens. Instead, it's something we make ourselves. The hardest worker is usually the luckiest person in the world.

7 Never Give up

Never Give upBabe Ruth didn't become a legend by luck or talent alone. He had to keep working hard to become better. No matter what happened, he didn't give up. Now, he's a legend other players strive to be like. This quote reminds me that your dreams never really die until you give up. No one can take it away as long as you work hard and keep trying.

8 All Roads

All RoadsHarry Golden's quote is brilliant. We often expect the road to success to be a straight path, bordered on both sides by good luck, an easy route. However, we have to pass through many other roads (bad luck!) along the way, including hard work boulevard. The two paths tend to merge often and it's important to remember that. Follow hard work's path and you'll eventually reach the end of success's path.

9 Effort is the Victory

Effort is the VictoryMohandas Gandhi's quote really helps put me in my place sometimes. Success is wonderful and it does make me feel great, but it's the hard work along the way that truly makes me feel good about myself. Without putting in the effort, the victory isn't nearly as sa

10 Opportunity Disguised

Opportunity DisguisedAnn Landers said one of my favorite quotes of all time, mainly because it's so true. How many opportunities do we pass up simply because they seem like too much work? These are usually the opportunities we regret not taking. Anytime I consider giving up because it's too hard, I read this quote. The best opportunities mean working hard.

11 Be Happy

Be HappyThis brilliant quote by Eugene O'Neill not only focuses on working hard, but how it benefits you. When you want something and don't get it, you're miserable. When you work hard for what you want and get it, you're happy. It's a simple concept that I remind myself of when I don't exactly feel motivated to work as hard as I can.

12 Harvest without Planting

Harvest without PlantingThis powerful quote by David Bly really puts hard work into perspective for me. After all, I wouldn't expect to pick vegetables out of my garden without first planting and tending to the garden. How can I expect to be successful without putting in some hard work first? I may not always feel like it, but I can't get results without the work.

13 Be a Leader

Be a LeaderI always find inspiration in many Proverbs, but Proverbs 12:24 really hits home for me. I can either work hard to make a difference in the world and achieve my dreams or I can be lazy and be a slave to the dreams of others. Frankly, I want to be the one making my dreams come true.

While there is no real end to motivational hard work quotes, these are some of the most powerful ones I've found. Put up a few of these and read them any time you feel like giving up. What are some of your favorite hard work quotes?

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