13 Motivational Quotes about Hard Work ...

When I'm feeling a little uninspired at the start of my work day, I read motivational quotes about hard work. They always make me work harder and energize me even when I feel like there's no real point to what I'm doing. Before any big project, I look up quotes about hard work and instantly feel more motivated. If you've ever doubted the true power of hard work, these quotes will change your mind.

1. The Dictionary

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Vince Lombardi and a few other people have said one of my favorite quotes about hard work. Sometimes we're so focused on success that we forget it takes hard work before we get there. When I feel ready to give up because I'm not successful yet, I read this single quote and remember I just need to work harder. Success will come when the work required is done. The work may be hard, but the success at the end is a sweet victory that makes it all worth while.

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