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These wonderful quotes from Amy Poehler, one of the leading female actresses and comedians of our time, are sure to inspire you and make you smile. She is sweet, funny and gorgeous, and knows that each and every one of us is pretty awesome. If you’re having a tough day or just need a bit of inspiration, check out these quotes from Amy Poehler.

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Silly Means Power

Silly Means Power This is oh so true! Not caring that you look silly is so powerful, because you can do just about anything, and have the time of your life at the same time. People who are self-conscious about the way they come across to others are missing out on so many incredible experiences! This is one of my all-time favourite quotes from Amy Poehler.


Bossy is Good

Bossy is Good Don’t be afraid to be passionate. When you’re really passionate about something, that shines through! Some people may perceive it as being bossy, but what’s important is that you remember not to lose that spark.


Have an Open Mind

Have an Open Mind Once you start to keep your mind open to all kinds of exciting possibilities and pieces of information, you will start to learn so many new things and have a whole range of new experiences. Keep your mind open to change and happiness will follow.


Be with People Who Make You Happy

Be with People Who Make You Happy Life is far too short to be around people who make you upset, or don’t support you in what you do. You should never feel bad about removing people from your life who have a negative impact upon your self-esteem.


Share Your Heart

Share Your Heart Oh my, this is so important. Having a broken heart hurts like crazy and it’s always hard to open up to people again once you’ve had your heart broken. What is so important, however, is that you don’t let that stop you from trusting people or loving people.


Collaborate and Ask for Help

Collaborate and Ask for Help Don’t be afraid to team up with someone else. Collaboration is important and halves your workload! You should never be afraid to approach someone to ask for help, just like you should always have an open mind when someone comes and asks for your help.


Take Risks

Take Risks Don’t wait until you are older. Don’t put off risk-taking simply because you are scared, or you don’t feel as though you are old enough. Take risks every day, because one day you might not be able to, and you’ll look back and regret the things you didn’t do.


Look at People’s Faces

Look at People’s Faces In this day and age we spend so much time looking at our phones or our computers, we just forget to make eye contact with those around us. Have a day without technology and really appreciate the people you come across.


Love Yourself

Love Yourself This speaks for itself. When you love yourself, and love your body, you will be able to enjoy life so much more. Focus on the things you love about yourself and soon you’ll see your whole self as beautiful - which you totally are!


Celebrate Others’ Victories

Celebrate Others’ Victories Being happy for people is a really great thing to do because it is beautiful and selfless. When you can celebrate other people’s victories with them, not only are you making them happier, but you are opening yourself up to a whole new kind of personal happiness.

How wonderful are these quotes? Are you feeling inspired yet? I certainly am! Amy Poehler never ceases to make me feel better about myself, and to encourage me to really enjoy myself. What is your favourite Amy Poehler quote?

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She is awesome

Absolutely love this woman.

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