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There are sayings about intelligence that will help you realize that smartness doesn't come in only one flavor. If you're getting bad grades in class, or can't get promoted at your job, it doesn't mean that you're stupid. You're smart in your own way. Here are some sayings about intelligence that will help you see just how intelligent you truly are:

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Stupid Not everyone is skilled in the same areas. If you're bad at math, it doesn't mean that you're dumb. It just means that numbers aren't your strong suit. You could be a genius when it comes to history, or knitting, or cooking. This is one of the sayings about intelligence that you should remember, because it lets you know that you don't have to be great at everything.


The Answers

The Answers It's impossible to know the answer to every question that you're asked. There are some questions that not even the smartest person in the world could answer. The universe is filled with mysteries that we might never figure out. Don't stress if you don't know something, because there are plenty of others in the same boat.



Everyone Your school, your family, or the magazines you read might make you feel like there's only one way to think. However, everyone's mind is different. If they were all the same, then no one would be able to think outside of the box, and come up with new ideas.


Common Sense

Common Sense If you're street smart instead of book smart, don't be ashamed. It's actually rare for a person to have common sense, even though "common" is part of the name. If you know how to handle yourself in social situations, and you're good with directions, then you're definitely a smartie.



Genius Most of the world's geniuses weren't sane. The ideas that they came up with were thought of as crazy during their time, even though we now acknowledge them as inventive. If you feel like you're a little different than most people, be proud and embrace it. You might just figure out a way to change the world one day.



Intelligence Intelligence doesn't necessarily mean that you know the capitals of all of the states, and the geographical location of every country in the world. It just means that you are able to use your brain in useful ways. You don't have to know everything, because it's an impossibility.



Imagination Being a writer or an artist is just as impressive as being an accountant or a dentist. You're still using your brain in order to turn your ideas into a reality. Different jobs require different types of intelligence, but they require intelligence nevertheless.

As important as your grades are, they don't determine how smart you really are. It's impossible to tell someone how intelligent they are when there are so many different types of cleverness. Do you consider yourself smart?

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