How to Be Fearless to Get What You Want ...

By Neecey

Don’t look back and wish you had been braver. Success and moving forward is as much about facing your fears as it is celebrating the things you love/do well. By not being brave enough to face your fears you are in danger of missing out and wishing you had done things differently. Put doubt aside, exhaust all possibilities, and face down your fears to get what you want.

1 Do You Take Stuff Back for a Refund?

Let’s start with the simple stuff. You may consider yourself fearless, or you may not, but let’s start with if you take things back for a refund. When you buy something, you are supposed to get what you want. If you order a new microwave, you do not receive a rubber duck instead. If you are not getting what you want, you should get your money back. Do you take your things back for a refund if you do not get what you want?

2 Have You Accidentally Become an Expert at Avoiding Conflict

A rich society provides people with poor motivational skills, depression, obesity, ignorance of the world, and a shyness of conflict. Bad people operate in broad daylight. They do not operate in the shadows as you see in the movies. The reason they operate in broad daylight is people are so scared of conflict that they do not fight. Look at what the Syrian government did, what Russia did in Ukraine, what Iran are doing…look at what the banks did! We stood by and allowed it to happen in broad daylight because we are afraid of conflict to the point where we are experts at avoiding it. You may not purposefully avoid conflict; you may have accidentally become an expert at avoidance. You may notice your own avoidance a little more if you hang around people that do not avoid conflict. How many people do you know that will not complain if a person pushes in a queue because they are of a minority status? How many people do you know who will confront a person that openly litters?

3 What Inspired Your Last Life Decision or Idea?

Most people like to think that they inspire their own life decisions, but they are mistaken. Do not mistake “agreeing” with deciding. If you wake up one day and decide to cook eggs, then you made a decision. If you said, “yes” when your partner asked to have kids, then you did not decide, you just agreed. Getting what you want means that you make a clear decision without prompting or persuasion from others.

4 If It is Not Scary, How Are You Being Fearless?

Was it scary when you cold called every hospital in the state so you could put your nursing qualifications to use with a good job? Was it scary when you briefly looked through the classified ads for a job? You need to feel fear in order to be fearless. People that climb mountains without safety ropes are fearless because they act despite feeling fear.

5 Bullying is Not the Same as Being Fearless

Getting your own way is not the same as getting what you want. If you want $5, you can earn it or you can find it. On the other hand, you could steal it or bully somebody into making you a loan that you will not repay. If you are going to be fearless about getting what you want, do not use it as an excuse to be a bully.

6 Are You Doing One Thing towards Your Goal Every Day?

If you are not, then you are not moving forward. If you are driving across country, but only drive two days per week, you would have run out of money and motivation before you got half way. An obsessive desire to complete your goal is what will see you through, which is why you should make a point of doing at least one thing per day towards your major goal.

7 Go and Ask a Stranger to Use the Bathroom in Their House

How to get what you want--develop a fearless attitude. If you are truly fearless to the point where your insecurities do not overwhelm you, then you should be able to ask to use another person’s bathroom despite the fact you do not know them. Ignore the outcome, and concentrate on the attitude. The thought of asking a stranger to use their bathroom may fill you with fear. Do you have the sort of attitude that would feel the fear and do it anyway?

8 If You Don't do It, Someone Will

Ever see an idea out there or what someone's doing and think that you could do it? Well, the difference between them and you is that they DID do it. They DID pursue what they wanted and the didn't let anything hold them back. Staying in the shadows only opens up the spotlight for someone else. There will always be someone who wants what you want. The goal is going for it and not looking back.

9 Laugh at Yourself

A lot of people don't do things for fear of being embarrassed or judged. The sooner you can learn to laugh at yourself and embrace these moments, the more confident you will be and less fearful in the future. Something to keep in mind is that people forget your embarrassing moments or silliness sooner than you do. And laughing at yourself never hurts - it actually makes you appear more charming and down to earth, which is a bonus!

10 Lean on Someone

When it comes to getting what you want, most people seem like they believe you have to travel the road alone. But sometimes, the scariest thing can be to ask for help or support when you are reaching for what you want. Talking to people about your goals and ambitions is beyond helpful. Don't let fear of failure or what someone might say as a reason not to confide and ask for a helping hand now and then. It will actually make you a stronger person in the long run.

You will always feel a little scared. Life is scary but the want of success is a great motivator – if you face down your fears.

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