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How to Get Your Groove Back when You Hate the World ...

By Heather

I'm a pretty happy, optimistic person most of the time, but there are definitely times when I hate the world. It throws me off keel to feel that negative. I just don't feel like myself. On the other hand, my wife tends to feel this way all the time, but when it gets really bad, she's the same way. Nobody wants to feel negative all the time. Hating everyone and everything is exhausting, plus it doesn't do any good. Here's what you can do to get your groove back when you just seriously hate the world and everything in it.

1 Consider a Change of Scenery

person, facial expression, black and white, smile, emotion, You know, you might just need to go somewhere new, where you can start over – it's a big, drastic change, but sometimes it's the very best thing for you.

2 Or at Least Take a Vacation Away from Your Life

vacation, sea, shore, coast, bay, You might not be able to move away for good, but you can take a temporary escape and go on vacation – or a staycation, you just need some time and space so you can get your thoughts and feelings in order.


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3 Reassess Where You Are and What You Want

hair, blond, person, woman, facial expression, Being so unhappy that you just hate the world means that you probably need to think about your life and your goals – something's making you feel this way.

4 Look for the Source of Your Hate

black, white, person, facial expression, black and white, You feel this way for a reason, so it's absolutely vital to pinpoint exactly what's making you feel so hopeless and angry.

5 Go on a Seek and Destroy Mission Targeting Toxicity

person, woman, child, people, mouth, The toxic things in your life can definitely make you hate everything, so it's time to get rid of the toxicity in your life, no matter what the source – be it a friend, a family member, or a boss.

6 Is It Possible That You're Depressed?

person, photograph, black and white, facial expression, painting, Depression can make you view the world with animosity, so be aware if you have a history of it and consider talking to your doctor if you don't.

7 Make a List of the Things That Make You Unhappy

person, black and white, film noir, emotion, profession, Be as honest as possible – you're only revealing truths about yourself, no one else ever has to see your list.

8 Make Another List of the Things That Put a Smile on Your Face

hair, hairstyle, person, facial expression, beauty, Include the big things and the small things because anything that makes you smile when you feel this way is a pretty big deal.

9 Explore All the Possible Ways to Improve Your Personal Situation

person, profession, official, you, beautifully, In listing the things you hate, the things that make you really dislike everything in general, pay attention to all the things that you have control over and think about how you can fix them.

10 Then Start Thinking Globally

singer, model, photo shoot, film, singing, After you tackle yourself, look at all the things you hate about the wider world and discover what you can do to improve those situations, too.

11 Stop and Really Think about What You Love Doing

hair, facial expression, hairstyle, black hair, human hair color, It might pop into your head immediately or you might have to think about it for a bit, but it will come to you.

12 Focus on a Few of Your Biggest Passions

hair, person, hairstyle, blond, human hair color, You can also think about your true passions, from hobbies to talents and special skills, and how you can use them to make yourself happy and fulfilled.

13 Consider Making Some Big Changes in Your Life

person, facial expression, emotion, film, model, Again, maybe it's time for you to make a big move – or maybe it's time to look for a new job, or maybe you need to get out of a toxic relationship.

14 If It's Possible, Get a Pet

mammal, animal, domesticated hedgehog, hedgehog, erinaceidae, If you already have one, you're halfway there, and you know that it's almost impossible to hate the world when you're watching a little creature you love doing all sorts of adorable things.

15 Surround Yourself with People You Genuinely Love

document, Come, on,, family, hug!, It's definitely time to keep company with the people who bring you joy, give you support, and make you happy.

16 Visit Places That Bring You Joy

yellow, bonfire, phenomenon, spring, It might be a bookstore, a museum, a church, or a mountain trail, but spending time in your favorite places, the places that make you feel whole and complete, can help you put things in perspective.

17 Envision the Future You Want

person, cda, ーーーーー, ーーー, Create an inspiration board, Pin images of your future, write them down, place Post-its around your house – and then bring your vision to life.

I think we all hate the world sometimes, even if it's just during a bad week. How do you get over it when it happens to you?

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