7 Ways to Take Control of Your Life ...


Are you looking for ways to take control? You don’t have to be unhappy or dissatisfied to be looking for ways to take control of your life. Sure, you could feel that things are out of reach or out of your control, but you may also be looking for a new direction, to shake things up in one particular area, or to gain a better influence over someone or something. Whatever your motivation, here are some ways to take control of your life that will get you where you want to be.

1. De-clutter

You are never going to have control of your life in any way if you are surrounded by clutter and piles of stuff that you feel you can’t get rid of or sort through, unpack or throw away. If your desk is starting to look like the inside of your handbag, you may need to take stock of where you are going. If your house is starting to look worse than the day you moved in or if you have dedicated rooms for stuff that you are going to use one day – it’s time to find ways to take control. Start small, start with the desk, move to one room and systematically de-clutter your life.

Skip the Chardonnay
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