7 Things You Can do to Improve the Lives of Others ...

By Heather

7 Things You Can do to Improve the Lives of Others ...

There are certain things you can do to improve the lives of others that start completely with your attitude. Helping other people is more than just about giving money or donating your clothes and such. It can be easy in today’s world, full of technical madness, social media, and monetary gain, for us to believe we can’t help others if we can’t physically give them something tangible in their hands. Yet, that isn’t true at all! Most of the most wonderful things you can do to improve the lives of others are free of charge, and take just a little bit of effort on your part. If you can, spare some time in your day, and look around you. What needs are around you? Try implementing some of these things you can do to improve the lives of others because not only will the world around you change, but so will you.

Table of contents:

  1. give your time
  2. offer a hand
  3. show compassion
  4. show consistent support
  5. offer forgiveness
  6. visit them
  7. be available

1 Give Your Time

Give Your Time Time is one of the best things you can do to improve the lives of others above anything else. We all know one another is incredibly busy most of the time, which makes this gift so precious. If someone around you needs help with something, or a group of people need some volunteers, do your best to give some time to them. They’ll never forget it, and most likely, neither will you.

2 Offer a Hand

Offer a Hand Extending a physical hand is more than about handing over money or items. Try donating your labor instead. Is a friend moving, needs help getting their kids from school to home, or does a friend lack the time to organize some things in their home? These are merely examples of how you can offer a hand to other people. Even just offering to take out an elderly person’s groceries at the store is a great place to start.

3 Show Compassion

Show Compassion There are so many times when being critical is easier than being compassionate. Whether or not you agree with how someone lives their life, or what decisions they make, you can at least be compassionate to them. None of us are perfect and when we take the time to be caring towards others, it is then that we truly help others in the way we were meant to. You might not be able to change what decisions people make, or how they live their life, but you can choose how you treat them in the process.

4 Show Consistent Support

Show Consistent Support Many times we all make poor decisions, but showing support during hard times or times of mistakes is one of the best things you can do to improve the lives of other people. Being supportive doesn’t mean telling someone things are perfect when they aren’t, but it does mean letting someone know you are there for them if they need to talk and you are there to support them as they go through a struggle. When people are up against the world, it will mean a lot for them to know someone has their back.

5 Offer Forgiveness

Offer Forgiveness If someone has hurt you, there is no greater gift you can give someone than forgiveness. It doesn’t mean that you tell someone they were right in their decisions, but if someone offers you an apology, accept it. Even if they don’t apologize, forgive them anyway. It makes you a better person, and many times, the best gifts we give are the most undeserving ones. If someone has truly hurt you and are sorry, forgiving them improves their life in more ways than you could know.

6 Visit Them

Visit Them Take an hour out of your day and go visit someone for no reason at all. Let them know you’re coming just to be respectful, but offer to bring them a cup of Starbucks, or even make a snack to bring. Or, if nothing else, just let them know you’d like to drop in and say hello. Taking time for people matters. Give them the gift of your presence and your friendship.

7 Be Available

Be Available Lastly, above all, just being available is one of the best ways you can change someone’s life. Be available to them through your time, your emotions and how well you keep in touch with them. This can be done on a number of levels, but letting someone know you’re there, whenever they need to talk, to get together, or need some help with something, just be available. It matters, and it changes people’s lives in ways you can’t even imagine.

Do you have a way to improve the life of someone? Share it! We should never be too busy to learn this incredible lifetime deed to others.

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