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7 Ways to Be Happy Every Day No Matter What ...

By Alicia

Are you looking for ways to be happy every day? I know that I have been and have discovered some that really work. While life happens and we get overwhelmed and give into bad moods, there are still ways to be happy every day. You have to make happiness a goal and work toward it. These tips will help you to do just that.

1 Practice Gratitude

One of the best ways to be happy every day is to practice gratitude. Have a grateful attitude and look for the blessings in your life. You have to make a decision to do this; it will not come to you naturally. One of the best ways to practice gratitude is to keep a journal and write down 3-5 things you are grateful for each day. After you do this for a while, it will become natural to you to look for the brighter side of life.

2 Think Happy Thoughts

Saying think happy thoughts always makes me think of Peter Pan. Nevertheless, thinking happy thoughts makes you have a happy attitude, which is what your goal is. Choose to fill your mind with thinking about things that make you happy instead of all the troubles in your life. Think about shopping with your girlfriends or lying on a beach or whatever it is that helps you get your happy on. Choose happiness.

3 Smile

Smiling is another way to be happy every day. It is a simple little act that costs you nothing but gains you a lot in return. When you smile, you begin to feel happy. You are also inviting happiness in return by being friendly to others. Try it and see if it doesn’t make you feel happier.

4 Plan Good Things

Be intentional about cultivating happiness in your life. Take care of yourself and plan things that make you feel happy. You only live once so you might as well enjoy your life, don’t you agree? Whatever it is that your heart desires, indulge to the best of your ability. Whether you are craving a day by the pool or a good book by a warm fire, plan good things to enjoy. Try to keep something that makes you happy in your daily or at least weekly schedule.

5 Be Kind

Being kind to others makes us feel good about ourselves. Make a conscious effort to be a kind person. Not only will you feel better about yourself but others will love you for it. You will find that it draws people to you. It gives you a magnetism that returns to you in the best way. You might say it is a way of creating good karma.

6 Surround Yourself with Positive People

There is a quote that says you become like the five people that you spend the most time with. I agree with that statement. It is important to choose the people that you allow to be close to you carefully. Shy away from those that are negative and always complaining about something. Try to choose friends who are optimistic. Not only is their optimism contagious, but they are more likely to be encouraging when you need that from them.

7 Do Something Nice for Yourself

You need to sprinkle little bits of happiness into everyday life. Do something nice for yourself. It might be allowing yourself to watch a movie when you know you really should be scrubbing bathrooms. Perhaps it makes you happy to treat yourself to a manicure. Whatever it is that you enjoy, do it.

Happiness is the result of many little choices. How do you make yourself happy? What are the little tricks that keep a smile on your face?

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