7 Life-Altering Ways to Declutter Your Mind Body and Spirit ...


7 Life-Altering Ways to Declutter Your Mind Body and Spirit ...
7 Life-Altering Ways to Declutter Your Mind Body and Spirit ...

With all the responsibilities and daily activities that adulthood brings, do you find yourself needing to find ways to declutter your mind? Well, you're not alone! Hopefully these tips listed below will help you simplify your life and refocus your mind. Here are 7 life-altering ways to declutter your mind that I know you'll find incredibly beneficial!

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Believe it or not, reading more is one of the great ways to declutter your mind because it allows you to take a break from the daily routines of life, and even the crazy happenings that bog us down. Reading something you enjoy brings your whole being into a rejuvenated state through escape! You can also read inspiring books that help lift your spirits!


Meddle in Others' Affairs Less

You already have enough going on every day, so try not to poke your nose in other people's business unnecessarily. This brings their burden to your shoulders and causes more stress in your life that you don't need! But if it's a close friend or family member, that's different! Just be wise and cautious.


Don't Take on More than You Can Handle

If you take on too many things, you will be spread too thin and won't be able to perform at your best in anything. This includes your job, your social life, volunteer time, etc. Evaluate what tasks and activities are most important and leave the other ones behind. You will definitely feel more at ease!


Learn to Say "No"

It's easy to say yes to people who ask things of us because of a genuine desire to help and be there for people. But, it's ok to say no sometimes, and actually it's a good thing for your own sanity! Be polite about it of course, and most of the time, people will understand completely.


Watch Less Mindless TV

I know when I watch too much mindless TV, my mind becomes almost numb and I feel way less productive and happy. A little TV can be relaxing and a great way to unwind, but too much of it can actually contribute to health problems because of the lack of regular activity around the house. Plus, it's not feeding you in any way - not your mind, your body or your spirit!


Purge the Stuff You Don't Need

We all can admit to having too much stuff. We collect and collect and fail to get rid of things we don't use anymore for whatever reason. I tend to hold onto things for sentimental reasons when in reality, letting them go wouldn't take away anything from my life. Having less stuff and just living more simply will actually release the desire to want more. An invisible weight has been lifted and suddenly you feel more decluttered than ever!


Get Organized!

One obvious way to become a less cluttered person overall is to organize your life! Your home, your work, how you spend your time, etc- it all needs some organization. You can bet you'll feel more productive and even well-rested when your life is in order.

Sometimes it's good to get back to center and refocus our lives around what's important. Taking the time to declutter our lives is vital for healthy and productive living! What are some of the steps you take in decluttering your own life?

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