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Do you need some help finding ways to stop being judgmental? Being judgmental is something we all struggle with at times to varying degrees. It is also a trait that will push others away from you. If this is something you struggle with, it is my hope that this article can help you find ways to stop being judgmental of others.

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Think on This Thought

One of the best ways to stop being judgmental is to consider this thought: you judge others by their actions while you judge yourself by your intentions. In other words, you cut yourself more slack than you do others. It is good to realize that you aren’t perfect. It helps you to give others a little more grace. This helps break the cycle of being judgmental.


Realize You Aren’t in Their Shoes

Although you may think you know you would do if you were in someone else’s shoes, the truth is you really don’t until you are actually there. It is good to realize that you don’t truly know what another person is going through. You haven’t had the same life they have. You don’t have the same demands on you that they do. Realizing you don’t know where they are coming from can help you to stop being judgmental.


Practice Forgiving

This may sound odd but judgmental people are usually also very unforgiving people. They tend to hold grudges. Working on being more forgiving will also help you to be less judgmental. Sometimes it is hard to forgive others when they have hurt us but working through that is very beneficial.


Break the Habit

Sometimes being judgmental is a habit you have gotten into. If that is the situation for you, the good news is that it is an easier fix than some of the other reasons people are judgmental. You simply have to break the habit. Each time you start being judgmental, have something ready to replace that thought. It might be something to the effect of telling yourself that you do have the power to overcome bad habits. In a few weeks, this bad habit will begin to fade away.


Ask the Hard Questions

Sometimes you have to ask the hard questions to get to the bottom of why you are judgmental. Do you struggle with arrogance? Do you believe you know it all? Do you think you know what is best not only for yourself but for everyone around you? Giving yourself a reality check is one of the best things you can do in this situation.


Practice Compassion

Practicing compassion will help you to stop being judgmental. It is hard to judge someone if you feel compassion for them. Try to work on this trait. You can do this by trying to think of how others might feel. You can do this by thinking about what others are going through.


Realize You Don’t Have All the Facts

Sometimes you may judge others when you don’t have all the facts. You may be judging them with only half of the information. In this case, you don’t really understand their situation. Try to make it a habit to reserve judgment at least until you know all the facts. Generally, you don’t feel so judgmental after you know them. This can help you break the habit of being judgmental.

Stopping yourself from being judgmental can be done. Is this something you have struggled with in your life? You can share your story if you wish.

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Completely agree. Need to show this to my dad...

blunt,Straightforward facts, it was refreshing article to read...

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Quite a refreshing article. Thanks for the tips

good read

love this. compassion goes a long long way.

love this

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It's a good article.

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