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7 Reasons to Be Kind to Those Who Have Hurt You ...

By Alicia

Sometimes it can be really difficult to see the reasons to be kind to those who have hurt you. Being vengeful or unkind in return comes so much easier. But those choices will be like an added poison to you. There are a lot of reasons to be kind to those who have hurt you. Let’s talk about some of them.

1 It Softens Your Heart toward Them

One of the reasons to be kind to those who have hurt you is because it softens your heart toward them. If you decide to respond to someone as cruelly as they have been to you, it will just feed your hard feelings. Being kind to them is the better choice. You will find that you feel less anger toward them. You may even find that you pity them for being such a miserable person.

2 It Proves What a Wonderful Person You Are

This shouldn’t be your only motivation but it is true. Being kind to someone who has hurt you shows what a wonderful person that you are. It shows it to you, to the person who hurt you and to everyone around you. You may even amaze those around you by your decision to take the high road. It could inspire others to be kind to those who have hurt them in their life.


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3 You Will Feel Better about Yourself

You will always feel better about yourself when you are kind to those who have hurt you. Unkindness never makes anyone feel better. Instead, it is like feeling bad twice. You feel bad once for how the person hurt you and then you will feel bad a second time when you respond unkindly. Being kind is the right choice and that always feels good.

4 You Could Change Their Behavior toward You

You could change the behavior of the person who has hurt you by being kind to them. You may make them rethink their actions. After all, they can’t justify what they did to you if you are being nothing but good to them. Making the choice to be kind to them may be just the recipe needed to make them sorry for what they have done. This has a better chance of changing their behavior than returning their unkindness.

5 You Won’t Have Guilt on Your Conscience

This is a very good reason to be kind to those who have hurt you. If you are kind to them, you will not have anything on your conscience to feel guilty about. Being unkind in return means that you will have that on your conscience. You then feel bad about two things. You feel bad because you were hurt and bad because you acted poorly in return. It is a better choice to respond with kindness.

6 It Will Speak Well of You

Being kind in return to someone who has done something to hurt you will speak well of you. It lets others know what a good person you are, especially in light of being mistreated. Others will take note of your good character. It will shine through. The person who was hurtful to you will also notice, whether they want to do so or not.

7 It Will Get to Them

Lastly, you can take pleasure in the fact that being kind to someone who hurt you will get to them. It is a very real way to kill them with kindness, as the saying goes. It could push them into an apology. Even if it doesn’t, it will get to them. It will drive them crazy that they could not push you into stooping to their level and that is motivation enough to be kind.

What are your thoughts? Have you been in this situation? Did you choose to respond with kindness?

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