7 Tips to Stop Saying Everything You Think ...


7 Tips to Stop Saying Everything You Think ...
7 Tips to Stop Saying Everything You Think ...

It is difficult to learn how to stop saying everything you think. I know because this is something that I have had to work toward overcoming in my own life. While you never really completely conquer this if your true personality is to be an honest, open and somewhat blunt person, you can learn to do better. There are some different ways how to stop saying everything you think.

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Realize Your Thoughts Are Personal

One of the best ways how to stop saying everything you think is realize that your thoughts are personal. They belong to you and you alone. Not everyone gets the privilege of knowing them. You decide what you get to share with others. When you change your thought line and realize that you can make your thoughts something valuable that you only share with a select few, it helps a lot.


Think of your thoughts as sacred treasures. Just like how you wouldn't scatter precious gems for everyone to take, consider your words judiciously before letting them loose into the world. By guarding your thoughts, you not only preserve your own dignity and privacy but also cultivate an air of mystery that might intrigue others. This discretion allows you to build deeper relationships with those you choose to trust, enriching your social interactions with substance and meaning.


Practice Thinking before You Speak

Some of us are born with the distinct ability to speak before we even think. This is not a good thing. I have been in this position more times than I care to count. But with experience, I have learned to think before I speak, at least most of the time. You are much less likely to get yourself in tricky situations if you train yourself to think before you speak.


Taking a moment to pause and consider your thoughts can be a game-changer. Believe me, those few seconds of silence aren't awkward; they're golden. They allow you to filter out what's unnecessary or potentially hurtful. Plus, it gives you an edge in conversations, as people tend to respect those who speak with purpose and deliberation. Reflecting on your words' impact not only prevents misunderstandings but also helps you convey your true intentions more clearly.


Place a Few Reminders around Wherever You Are

Sometimes visual reminders are the key to forming new habits. This always helps me. Place a few reminders around the areas you are most in. Quotes on what to say and how to say things are great choices. I always like the one that says if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.


Visual reminders can be powerful tools in helping to form new habits. This is especially true when it comes to controlling our thoughts and words. Placing reminders, such as quotes or mantras, in areas where we spend the most time can serve as constant reinforcement to think before we speak. This tip is particularly beneficial for women, as societal expectations often place pressure on them to be polite and agreeable. By having reminders around, women can be reminded to choose their words carefully and avoid saying everything that comes to mind. This can lead to more positive interactions and relationships.


Think about How It Would Make You Feel

It is always wise to think about how something would make you feel if someone said it to you. Sometimes we accidentally say something that hurts someone’s feelings. Then they feel bad, and we feel bad that we said it. Try to screen your thoughts as to how it would feel to have a comment said to you. This can keep you out of a lot of trouble.


This text is a part of the article "7 Tips to Stop Saying Everything You Think ..." which was published on a women focused blog in the category of "inspiration". The article is about the importance of thinking before speaking and how it can help you avoid saying something that may hurt someone's feelings. This article emphasizes the importance of considering how your words will make others feel before you speak. It encourages people to take a moment to think about how something would make them feel if someone said it to them, in order to avoid saying something that could hurt someone's feelings.


Speak Slowly

If you speak fast, you more than likely are saying a lot of things before you think them through. I know that this has happened to me. But, personally, if I slow down how fast I speak, I tend to think things through a little more carefully. It does take a while to implement a lot of these changes but they can help. Another tip is tailor this and the other tips to your personality. Use whichever of these tips best suit you.


Slowing down gives you the advantage of reflecting on your words, weighing their impact before they leave your lips. It's tempting to fill every silence, but those pauses can be powerful—giving both you and the listener space to digest the conversation. Start by taking a deep breath before you speak; it's a signal to your brain to ease the pace. This simple yet transformative shift encourages more thoughtful dialogue and reduces the chance of impulsive oversharing. Consider it an exercise in self-control, enhancing your communication skills and your relationships. After all, words once spoken can never be taken back.


Pride Yourself on Being Polite

I appreciate politeness in others. It is something that I always notice. Therefore, since it is a value that I appreciate it others, I decided I wanted to work on becoming more polite myself. As you work on this, it comes easier and easier until it is routine for you. After a while, you will begin to feel really good about this trait and take pride in it.


Politeness also becomes your shield, softening the blow in tougher conversations and ensuring that you're heard without offending. Remember, think of how your words may be received. Would you like someone to speak to you that way? It's about choosing kindness and consideration over impulsiveness. It's not just what you say but how you say it that reflects your character. With time, this cultivated grace becomes second nature, making interactions more pleasant and opening doors to positive connections.


Leave the Situation

Sometimes you are just in a situation where it is very difficult to keep your mouth shut. I have been there. When you know you are facing a situation or people that tempt you to speak without thinking, it is best to just remove yourself. This saves a lot of trouble for all concerned, most of all, for you. You do not want to deal with regret over what you speak.

Breaking the habit of saying everything you think is very difficult but it can be done. Have you struggled with this in your life? What helped you overcome it?

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Although speaking my mind is one of my strongest traits and I do embrace it, it does get me in trouble A LOT! I feel it's right to let people know the truth, buuUuut It'd be nice to tone things down a bit though since I can come off a little harsh at times..lol so thanks for the tips. :)

I wish everyone would speak their minds, life would be a lot simpler

Right there with you guys.. My poor partner cops so much from me.. I can be so nasty! How do you switch your brain off too? I'd love to know that secret.. Just stop thinking for a bit!!

Thanks. This is quite helpful. I say everything on my mind and then think about it later.

I could do with a lot of these tips myself. Especially think before you speak and so would my partner as I always say the nastiest things to him during arguments without thinking lol

I found a guy that likes that I say what's on my mind. It's not all bad.

This is such a tricky subject but totally worth a shot.

I'm so guilty of talking too much! Will try these tips :)

I need tips to stop showing everything I think on my face. That would be very helpful!

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