7 Tips for Ignoring the Negative People in Your Life ...


Negative people are the worst. I don’t think making that statement is surprising to anyone in the least. They’re emotionally draining; they can easily wreck your mood, and just genuinely bring you down. If you’re sick of the negative people in your life but aren’t sure how to remove them from your life, this list will definitely give you some tips to help detox and create more positive influences in your life!

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Press Mute

My biggest tip for anyone trying to remove negative energy or people in your life is to mute them on social media. Social media has a lot of benefits and positives, but it also means that you have to connect with people that you don’t necessarily love having in your life. If they’re such a negative presence in your life that even seeing a status update from them will get you down, hide them from all of your social media feeds, and your life will instantly become much more stress-free.


Limit Your Time Together

Now that you’ve eliminated them from your life on social media, try to eliminate them from your real life as much as you possibly can. Avoid hanging out with them unless you need to, and even then, when you must hang out with them, try to keep it to a group activity. One-on-one interactions will just hurt your mood even more!


Stop Trying to Help Them

If the negative presences in your life are just negative people in general, stop trying to fix their problems. Chances are that they’re constantly complaining to you about their problems and you’re constantly trying to help them. Stop. They’re just looking to complain and if they haven’t taken your suggestions to fix their problems in the past, they won’t now.


Go with the Flow

Start going with the flow when it comes to the negative influences in your life. It’s not easy, but the more you just let what they say and do roll off of your back, the easier it will be to deal with them. Don’t let their words and actions affect you, and they won’t get you down nearly as much!


Go on a Life Detox

People go on juice detoxes when they’ve just spent a lot of time eating food that wasn’t that great for them. A life detox is similar. Take a step back and identify the people, choices, and actions in your life that aren’t helping you, but rather, hurting you. When you go on a “life detox” and remove those negative influences in your life, you’ll feel like you’re starting with a fresh slate!


Make It a Priority to Spend Time with People You Love

After you’ve identified and remove the negative influences in your life, focus on the good. Make the good people in your life a priority. Spend time cultivating your relationships with them. The more people you have in your life who radiate happiness, the better!


Ignore the Guilt

It can be tough to remove people from your life, especially from an emotional standpoint. If they try to guilt you into incorporating them back into your life, try to ignore it. At a certain point, you need to focus on yourself and put yourself first!

How do you remove the negative people in your life? Have you ever had to remove negative people in your life? Let me know in the comments!

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Distancing yourself from negative people can be difficult if you have the misfortune to share an office with them; yes you can change your job, but that takes a while. The other extreme difficulty if when that negative person is your, now elderly, mother, for whom you are next of kin and carer as there is no one else. Believe when I say that is emotionally exhausting.

Negative people drain you, but also train you in a way😄

Going through the same negativity with my family, it's makes me stronger now

I did the exact thing a few months ago, but not in the same order. I first got rid of the guilt, then stopped being around negative people, then I just stopped paying attention to their constant complaints, joined clubs/classes and went to events, met new people, kept close to my existing genuine friends, spent more time with family, I almost forgot about them except their messages reminded me every now and then so I then I blocked them from my social networking accounts, nest my phone and finally it just was all gone...done. Freedom!

My mom 😧

Negative people drain you

Really good tips

I never let negative people bother me, I'm too laid back.

Cut yourself lose from negative people and run

Negative people drain you

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