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7 Ways to Help Yourself when You're Jealous of Your Friends ...

By Alicia

It’s a difficult place to be when you’re jealous of your friends. It’s not a good feeling to have and you can’t be a good friend if you’re hung up in jealousy. But jealousy is a human feeling we all have from time to time. Cut yourself some slack and use these ways to help yourself when you’re jealous of your friends.

1 Remember How Much You Care about Your Friend

It can help to think about how much you care about your friend when you’re feeling jealous of them. Of course you want good things for them. Concentrating on that fact can help you to feel better. Jealousy tends to go away when you have goodwill toward another person. It can help to keep that in mind when you’re jealous of your friends.

2 Think of Their Journey

Something else that can help you when you’re feeling jealous of a friend is to think of their journey. What have they been through to get where they are? Maybe they lost weight because they put in a lot of hard work or they landed a great job because they got the right degree. Most likely, whatever they have that you’re jealous of didn’t come easy. Realizing that can be helpful.

3 Do Something Kind for Them

I can’t really explain this except to say I know it can help. When you’re feeling jealous of a friend, do something kind for them. Buy them a gift to say congratulations or treat them to lunch for their latest success. Perhaps doing a good deed makes you feel better about yourself and that’s why it’s helpful. For whatever reason, doing something kind for the person you’re jealous of can make you feel better.

4 Realize Their Life Isn’t without Struggles

This is a lesson you learn more as life goes by. No one’s life is without struggles. I’ve often said that no one escapes life without some scars and it’s true. A person may have an area of life where everything seems wonderful but they have deep struggles in another area. Realize that your friend has struggles somewhere within their life.

5 Realize Each Person Has Their Own Journey

Life is a very personal thing. Each of us has our own unique journey. Your friend may have success at something now but your turn will come. It might be in a few months or a few years but it’ll happen. In the meantime, celebrate your friend’s success and be happy for them the way you want them to be happy for you when something great happens in your life.

6 Figure out Why You’re Jealous

Feeling jealous is a sign you need to take a look inside your own heart. Realize your feelings of jealousy have more to do with you and your life than they do with your friend. What do they have that you want? Jealousy signals that there’s something you’re not happy with in yourself or in your life. It’s good to recognize that so you can deal with it.

7 Make Changes in Your Own Life

Let jealousy be a signal to make changes in your own life. What do you want to do better at? You can use jealousy in a positive way. Let it motivate you to be a better you in whatever way you want to make improvements. If you’re jealous of your friend’s debt-free life, let that motivate you to take steps to eliminate your own debt. You can apply this in many different situations.

Have you ever felt jealous of a friend? What did you do? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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