7 Ways to Help You Develop Charisma ...


Are you looking for some ways to develop charisma? There are many characteristics that we crave that perhaps don’t come naturally to us, and one such one is the desire to be a charismatic personality. There are some very lucky people who don’t have to work at this and are naturally charismatic. Others want it and are prepared to embrace the effort involved in becoming that person that stands out in the room, that no-one ever forgets their name, and that people want to be around because they exude an aura that just sends out waves of success and confidence. Not being charismatic doesn’t mean that you fade into the background, just like wanting to be charismatic doesn’t mean you are an attention seeker. Here are some ways to develop charisma and the traits of charismatic personalities.

1. Be Strong for a Change and Think of You First!

Women don’t need affirmative action, but, women have been getting the short end of the man’s stick since time began. If you want to know how to develop charisma then stop trying to please other people and think of yourself.

Women like Judge Judy have proved that a woman can play a man’s game and win, and nobody would say she listens more than she talks, or that she is a pushover. Nobody would say that she works to please others because she does not, and yet she is charismatic and a role model.

Do you think Oprah is so rich because she cares about what men or women think about her. Sure, she cares about what her public think about her, but do you think they see her when she negotiates a contract or makes a publishing deal?

If a man is bossy then he is driven, if a woman is bossy then she is a bitch if she is obeyed and a nag if she is not. Be strong, be forward, and do what is best for you. People will learn to love you when they see they cannot dominate you.

Practice Your Smile
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