7 Steps to Let Go of Negativity in Your Life ...


7 Steps to Let Go of Negativity in Your Life ...
7 Steps to Let Go of Negativity in Your Life ...

Each new day we face brings another opportunity for taking crucial steps to let go of negativity. For some reason, we have a tendency to remember the negative more strongly than the positive and continue to mull over circumstances that bring dark thoughts and feelings. Fortunately, there's power in our thoughts and actions! You have the choice to take steps to let go of negativity that's stealing joy and happiness from your life. Read below and consider what steps might apply to your life in this moment.

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Drop People Who Breathe Negativity

Some people just have a way of being negative and spreading it to whomever they encounter. The sad part is those people tend to have deep insecurities and hurt that they're projecting onto others to make themselves feel better. Even so, we all still have the power to control our words and actions and there is no excuse for spreading negativity to others. One of the first steps to let go of negativity is to kindly reject negative people from your life - you'll be much happier and healthier emotionally!


Don't Fear What You Can't Control

Part of the inability to move forward with your goals in life is fear of the future! Not a single thing can be changed or accomplished when you're filled with fear and anxiety about things out of your control. Learn to let fear go and anticipate what wonderful things life has to offer when you're confident enough to put both feet on the ground.


Be Consistent with Physical Activity

Being fit and active is one of the key aspects in being physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. Exercise, as you know, releases the feel good hormones called endorphins that put you in a happy and content state. I don't think anyone ever regrets working out but rather they leave feeling alive, accomplished and in tune with their body. Make your health a priority and you'll think fewer negative thoughts naturally because you're taking steps in bettering yourself!



We all need rest and solace from our daily lives to get back to center. Meditation and/or prayer is a way to calm your spirit and breathe out the darkness that's holding you back. You can vent through prayer or seek the stillness in your mind and body through meditation.


Forgive, Even when It's Hard

I believe the root of a lot of residual negative energy is the failure to forgive others and even ourselves. When you refuse to forgive someone, you only hurt yourself because it grows into bitterness, resentment, anger, and sadness. Those are all very dark and negative emotions to carry around which impact your daily life in significant ways. And remember, these feelings can also emerge when you won't let go of your own mistakes. Learn to forgive - you don't have to reconcile relationships but let go of offenses committed against you for your own happiness!


Be a Positive Light

Do you realize the power we posses to change a person's day? Be a light that shines brightly enough that others will want to imitate you and bring light into darkness. Use your words to grant peace and encouragement; use your skills to help others in need; use your mind to think only on good things so that positivity spills out from you.


Release the Lies You Believe about Yourself

Lastly, to rid yourself of negatively, you must reject the lies that circulate your thoughts on a daily basis. Lies that say you're not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough or important enough. Stop comparing your life to someone else's - you may not know the struggles they have. Believe instead that you are enough, that you're loved deeply, and that you matter. No one is like you so be confident in your uniqueness!

Whatever the circumstances you face, remember that you posses the power to control how you feel, act and respond to others. Are there ways that holding on to negativity has impacted your life? Perhaps you have an example of letting things go that could give encouragement? Share them in the comments section!

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Love this

Thanks needed that!!

Perfect timing in my life.. Excellent article Thank you

Love this, I think everyone should read it :)

It lifts me up..thanks!

FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE - that's how you let to of the negativity in your life. Simple. Easy to say though, not to do

Thanks I really needed this

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