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7 Tips to Stay Positive Always and Keep Smiling ...

By Holly

When life gets hard, it can help to have tips to stay positive. Being pessimistic will take a toll on your mental state. You need to remember that the world is a miraculous place, even when it feels like it’s a punishment. When you’re feeling down, keep in mind these tips to stay positive.

1 Importance of Patience

Things get better with time. You have to remember that even though today is hard, tomorrow will be better. One of the tips to stay positive is to remember that things change. If things are bad, they won’t remain that way forever. It’s only a matter of time before the tables turn.

2 Collection of Quotes

Whenever you find an inspirational quote in a book or hear one on TV, write it down. Keep a list of them in your pocketbook or scribble them on Post-it notes and stick them to your walls. Make sure that you keep them somewhere that you can easily see them. When you’re upset, reread every sentence and say them aloud. It’s incredible how powerful words can be.

3 Inspirational Pictures

Since your phone is always with you, keep pictures on it that make you happy. They can be of the people in your life, material items, or even celebrities that you adore. Whenever you’re feeling bad about yourself, flip through the pictures. It’ll help you remember that there are great things in your life and that you should appreciate each second you have. There’s no reason to be negative, because no matter what, you’ll still have those pictures.

4 Do Good

If you’re feeling negative about yourself, take a break from your chores and do something that you know you’re good at doing. If you’re an excellent cook, whip up some dessert. If you’re an artist, draw a quick picture. When you’re finished, you can admire what you’ve done and feel better about yourself. The first step in being positive about your future is to start thinking more highly of yourself.

5 Therapy Session

What are you worried about? If you can pinpoint exactly what it is that you’re upset about, find someone who went through a similar situation. If you don’t know anyone in real life, the Internet is filled with forums and people who love to tell their story. By hearing about someone who went through the same thing as you are, it will give you hope, which goes hand in hand with positivity. So keep your ears open!

6 Self-Addressed Letter

If you’re in a particularly good mood one day, write a letter to your future self. List all of the positive things about yourself and your life. Tell yourself how lucky you are to be alive and how great things are waiting for you. When you’re upset, reading your own words can help more than a stranger’s can. Always be prepared for your next breakdown by writing a letter when you’re in your right mind.

7 Remember Memories

Think about a time in your past when you were worried over nothing. Remember the moment that you were terrified for that ended up being better than you could’ve imagined. Michael J. Fox once said, “Don’t spend a lot of time imagining the worst-case scenario. It rarely goes down as you imagine it will, and if by some fluke it does, you will have lived it twice.”

Stay positive, even when the world feels like it’s crashing down around you. You’re not in charge of what happens to you, but you’re in charge of how you handle the situation. What’s your favorite quote about positivity?

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