7 Ways to Be Kind to Others Every Day ...


7 Ways to Be Kind to Others Every Day ...
7 Ways to Be Kind to Others Every Day ...

Finding ways to be kind to others may not always be at the top of our priority list. It is easy to forget that being kind to others is not only good for them, but for us as well. Kindness not only makes other people feel good, it makes you feel good too. Here are some simple ways to be kind to others, every single day.

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One of the easiest ways to be kind to others is by smiling. Smiling only takes a second of your time. It can easily brighten someone else's day. Smiling helps when you are having a bad day too. It can lighten your mood and make you happier; research has shown that smiling can improve your mood.


Say Hello

Saying hello to someone can bring them joy. I know that there is no way you can tell everyone you see hello. If someone is far off, wave at them. You can also nod. Acting like you don't see them can hurt their feelings.


Say I Love You

Telling someone you love them shows how deeply you care. It tells the person how important they are. "I love you" can be said may ways. You can say it in person or write it on a note. You say it over the phone or send it in a text. Just say it often and mean it when you say it.


Compliment Someone

Try paying at least one compliment everyday. People like compliments. It makes them feel good about themselves. There are tons of compliments you can pay to someone. You could compliment the teller at the bank, who is wearing a top that you love. You could tell your husband that you or thankful for him or tell your kids how proud they make you. A heartfelt compliment is a great way to show some kindness.


Be Courteous

It is always nice to use your manners. Try saying please and thank you to others every day. Don't forget to say excuse me, too. There are some non-verbal ways to be courteous that you can try, as well. You could give up your seat, so someone else could sit down. Maybe you could let someone go in front of you in the grocery line, especially if your cart is loaded, and they only have a few items.


Offer to Help

Extend an offer to help someone. Do this before they ask for help. Be creative with your offers. Maybe you could offer help your Mom with a cleaning project. Perhaps you have a friend who needs a ride.


Send a Note

Try sending a note to someone. You could send one to a friend or family member. You could even send one to someone who you have spoken to in years. You could send your note by regular mail or email. Your note doesn't have to be elaborate. It could be a way to say thank for a time they showed kindness or a simple hello.

It may be hard to do all of these acts of kindness daily. There may be days when we are not around other people. There are also days when we may forget to be extra kind to someone. What are some ways that you are kind to others?

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It is so joyfull someone who's kind with others !!

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