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7 Compliments to Give Yourself Every Morning ...

By Holly

When you wake up, there are compliments to give yourself that will help you kick off your day with a grin. There’s no need for negativity, especially so early in the morning. A dark mind can create a dark day. In order to keep your spirits up, here are some compliments to give yourself every single day.

1 You’re Strong

Even if you have scars on your wrists or tears in your eyes, you’re a strong person. You managed to make it through yesterday, which means you can make it through today. Think about all of the miserable minutes you’ve gotten through, even when you wanted the world to end. You’re still here, because you’re a tough trooper. One of the compliments to give yourself every day is that you’re a strong, capable woman who can handle the worst.

2 You’re in Charge

There are always going to be people in your life that have some control over you, like your parents, teacher, or boss. However, you’re mainly in charge of your own life. You can do whatever you want to do! You have the power to make your own decisions. Life can take you off course, but the overall direction you take is all up to you.


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3 You’re Beautiful

What do you love about yourself? It can be external, like the color of your eyes, or internal, like your sense of humor. Even if you’re always down on yourself, you can pick out at least one thing that you’re proud of. Remember that even if it seems like no one else notices your beauty, it exists. One day, others will realize it. For now, the only important thing is that you see it yourself!

4 Your Life Means Something

Are you meant to be a famous musician? Are you meant to raise a family? It’s impossible to know what you were born to do, but you have to trust that there is reason behind your existence. You’re not useless. You’re not a waste of space. You’re a beautiful creature that will eventually find their place.

5 You’re Loved

Love comes in many different forms. There will be people who love you romantically, and others who love you like a sister. Don’t be greedy when it comes to affection. Appreciate any love you receive, and don’t take it for granted. Remember that love is special, whether it’s given to you by one person or one hundred.

6 You’re Intelligent

Some people are book smart, and get high grades from elementary school into college. Others are more gifted when it comes to remembering sports statistics, or knowing celebrity gossip. Everyone is brilliant in their own way. There isn’t one single form of intelligence. We all have a different set of knowledge, all of which is impressive.

7 You’re Alive

Okay, this one doesn’t sound like a compliment, but it is. Life is difficult, dreary, and draining, but you’re still swinging. You’re living life on a beautiful planet, surrounded by beautiful people. You have to take advantage of your position. Just by being human, you have so many opportunities open to you. Never take them for granted.

Never start your morning off with a negative attitude. You don’t want your pessimism to ruin the rest of your day. To get your positive juices flowing, what’s your best quality? Don’t be afraid to list as many as you can.

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