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7 Things to do Now to Make Your Dreams Come True ...

By Heather

Perhaps you've set some goals for yourself, and are looking for some ways to make your dreams come true. They say patience is a virtue, but when it comes to your dreams, most of us become pretty impatient! When we're passionate about something, we want it to happen right now, or, as of yesterday, right? Instead of dreaming the day away, start taking some active steps to make your dreams come true. Remember, it might not happen overnight, but these 7 steps will ensure it happens sooner rather than later, or never.

1 Write It out

If you don't know what dreams are most important to you, then you can't make your dreams come true. Sure, maybe you had a dream career as a kid, but those aren't the dreams we're talking about here. Think about the rest of your life. Write out exactly what you want to achieve, and what is most important to you. Writing it out on paper clarifies what you need to focus on, and allows you to forget about things that maybe don't mean so much to you anymore.

2 Weigh the Benefits and Risk

Now that you know what dreams you want to make happen, look at the benefits and risks of those dreams. Be aware of what good things can happen, and what you might have to do in order to make those dreams happen. Sometimes, we aren't completely aware of what we actually want to gain, or what things we might have to sacrifice in achieving our dreams. Writing it out clarifies everything into words right in front of you for you to concentrate on. For instance, I've always wanted to be a writer in New York City. For me, the benefits would be to work for myself in a city I love, and have a huge cultural experience to embrace. The risks would be financial hurdles and moving away from my family. No, your risks aren't reasons to give up your dreams, but being aware of them helps you make decisions with a more informed state of mind.


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3 Write out a Plan or Outline

Now that you've written out your dream(s), the benefits and risks of that dream, it's time to figure out how you're going to get things started. Write out exactly what it's going to take for you to make that dream happen in a year. Maybe this involves a business plan, so get one. If you need to, search the Internet for tips on making a business plan, budget, etc. Also, write out specific dates for how you'll achieve your dream. For instance, if you want to go back to school to get your doctorate or master's degree, then write out what semester you want to start in. Then you can check with various schools on deadlines for paperwork, financial planning, etc. You can't reach a dream without having a timeline of how you'll do it, so make your timeline and get things going!

4 Network

It's hard to achieve much these days without a little networking. Making connections with people, whether in person, on the phone, or online is something that can make your dream happen even quicker than you could imagine. Most of us can all help each other out somehow, and we're more likely to help people that we know, or have made connections with, rather than complete strangers. Make connections with people for possible jobs, at schools for a new degree, or in a new town you want to move to. This will not only help you make things happen much faster, but also enhance the process along the way.

5 Get up Each Day with Purpose

Every single day you wake up, be purposeful in making your dream happen. Read inspiring quotes and do something, no matter how small, to reach your dream. Even if it's just reminding yourself of what you want to do, when your deadline date is, or making a new connection, get up with purpose for making your dream come true. You can wish away your days, or you can greet them with purpose.

6 Believe in Yourself

This might sound corny, but it's important! If you have a dream, you can't reach it by doubting yourself. I don't care how big your hurdle seems, believing in yourself can create miracles, I promise! You've got to have a mind of fortitude and determination, not fear and doubt.

7 Pray

Prayers have been proven to not only help allow people to meditate on things they are grateful for, but also help them focus on what's important. Whatever religion you belong to, start praying for things to happen and pray for the knowledge and right frame of mind to make those things happen. Then, offer a prayer of thanks to remind yourself of what all you have to be grateful for until you reach your dream. This helps develop a positive outlook, and puts you outside yourself in the process, which is important so you don't get overwhelmed if things are moving slower than you'd like.

If you've made your dream come true, whether that be a job, new husband or moving to a new town, share what helped you achieve that dream with us. What have you done to make your dream come true? If you're still waiting, then share what your dreams are!

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