15 Great Ways to Be a Better Person ...


15 Great Ways to Be a Better Person ...
15 Great Ways to Be a Better Person ...

Looking for ways to be a better person? I want to be a better person and you probably feel the same way. The world sucks, and life can be hard. It’s so easy to be selfish. But kind people know first hand that the world is not kind. Maybe you can make it a slightly better place for one person. Maybe one day, someone will return the favour. Here are the best ways to be a better person.

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Recycling is one of the best ways to be a better person. A little extra effort goes a long way. Being a better person means caring about the planet too. After all, we only have one.


Cut down on Meat

I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but meat isn’t super healthy and it doesn’t do the environment any favours. If you can afford it, consider cutting down or getting some better quality, locally sourced meat.


Give to Charity

Whether it’s giving to someone collecting in the street, or popping some loose change into a collection box - you may not miss a few spare dollars, but it may make a world of difference to someone.


Donate Your Time

It’s not all about money; your time is valuable too! Not everyone has the time, realistically, but if you have some extra hours, maybe there’s something you can do in your local community. Build up experience while doing some good.



We all have days when we feel down, but how often have you met someone whose positive attitude helped brighten your day? Why not try and be that person?


Help Strangers

Random acts of kindness make the world a better place. If you see an old lady struggling with her shopping bags, does offering to help really take a lot out of your day? I think we all need to be a little kinder to each other.


Support the Little Guys

Small businesses, independent filmmakers, your local coffee shop or bookstore. It’s easy to get consumed by huge corporations and big companies. Remember to support the little guys. It puts money back into the economy, and you may be helping someone live their dream.



Don’t be afraid to be loud and stand up for what you believe in. If you’re not a political person, that’s fine, but a bit of extra reading can’t hurt.


Be Considerate

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your own world, that you forget the impact you have on others. Simple things can make you a better person. Don’t cut people off in traffic. Wear headphones in public. Just think about the impact you have on others. Don’t let it define you; just be considerate.


Offer to Help

Your friend needs help moving, but you’d rather spend a lazy day at home. A new person at work is struggling, but you’ve got enough going on. If you were in need, wouldn’t you want people to help you? They don’t need to accept your help, at least you’ve tried to do a nice thing.


Be Patient

Not everyone is in a rush, and waiting is, unfortunately, a part of life. If you’re busy, that’s one thing. If you have time to spare, try and be patient. Your busy server will appreciate a patient customer, for once!


Try Not to Judge

It’s so easy, and we all do it. Training yourself out of it is hard but it will make you a better person. You don’t know someone’s full story, so try not to judge appearances or behaviour too harshly.


Be Generous

If you’re struggling financially, maybe skip this one. But if you have income to spare, be generous! Tip your server and give to the guy begging on the street. You won’t miss a few extra dollars, but you might make their day.


Fight against Jealousy

Jealousy is not always healthy; regardless of the form it takes. In a relationship, you’ll be happier and healthier learning to trust each other. In other forms, maybe take a minute to be grateful for what you have.


But Know Your Limits

It’s OK to get overwhelmed, to need a break, to take some time for yourself. This doesn’t make you selfish. Tune out from social media. Recharge and remember to be kind to yourself.

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