Self-Improving Activities That'll Turn You into a Better Person ...


Do you wish that you were different, or that you were better at some things? Nobody's perfect; as human beings we're a work in progress. Each of us can do things to develop as a person and learn. So how can you work on self-improvement? Here are some ideas that will turn you into a better person …

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One of the most amazing things you can do to become a better person is by volunteering. Many brilliant organisations couldn't function without an army of volunteers giving their time. Whatever your skills or interests, there's a way of using them in voluntary work. The bonus is that you'll meet lots of amazing, interesting people.


Becoming More Educated

Never give up learning; it's something you should aspire to throughout your life. Learning doesn't have to end when you leave school or college, and it doesn't have to be in a formal environment. You can learn so much by yourself. So keep a curious mind and constantly acquire new knowledge.


Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Hands up if you live a completely healthy lifestyle? Nah, me neither. There's always something you can do to be healthier. Living a more healthy lifestyle will pay off, as you'll not only feel better but be less prone to health problems. And you don't have to be well off to live a healthy lifestyle; cut processed food out of your diet and spend your money on healthy ingredients instead. There are also plenty of ways to exercise for free.


Helping out Your Neighbors

It's such a simple thing, but can make a real difference; help out your neighbors. This helps create a sense of community, which is to everyone's advantage. Looking out for the elderly man across the street or chatting to a mom stuck at home with the kids is doing something nice - and it won't cost you a penny.


Listening to What Other People Want

How often do we listen to what other people really want? Too often we decide for them what they should feel, think or want. Instead, try listening to them. Let them speak for themselves, rather than thinking you know best. You probably don't. So sit back and listen, instead of speaking for other people. You might be surprised at how wrong you've been about what's best for them.


Knowing when You're Being Judgemental, and How to Stop

Letting go of judgemental attitudes will help you be a better person. Even the most liberal person can be critical of others. Stop and consider whether you're being judgemental. Could it be hurtful to the person you're judging, and is it fair to judge them?


Being Giving and Generous

Try to be a giving and generous person. Aim to be as positive as you can in dealing with other people. Help them out when you can, support them in their decisions, and give them your time when you can. Put out positive energy, and you'll receive it in return. We all need each other; remember that no man (or woman) is an island.

So if you want to be a better person, try to keep these ideas in mind. It's good to want to improve yourself; you'll be happier and so will the people around you. What do you want to work on in the next six months?

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Beautiful pic!🌟✨

Nice article thanks :)

The article is brilliant. Love that you included activities that include helping the world become a better place

Great pic!


I have so much respect for the author for including a photo of a Muslim women

I have so much respect for the writer for including a photo of a Hijabi woman! I get she made the choice to include all different types of girls and that's wonderful!

This picture brought be in to read this as I am hijabi myself. Great choice! Loved the article too!!!

I'm going to try and volunteer in thee next six months.

Great article and beautiful picture. Makes me love that not everyone is closed minded about Islam. Thank you. God bless you

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