Be Good 👍 to You ☝️ ...

Be Good to You

Be good to yourself, truthfully.
Accept yourself, gratefully.
Value yourself, joyfully.
Forgive yourself, completely.
Treat yourself, generously.
Balance yourself, harmoniously.
Bless yourself, abundantly.
Trust yourself, confidently.
Love yourself, wholeheartedly.
Empower yourself, immediately.
Give yourself, enthusiastically.
Express yourself, radiantly.

1st aid for the Soul

We need this message for ourselves every day. We face different circumstances and challenges that hit us hard and we fall. Be good to yourself. One of the hardest battles in life is when your fighting against you. We need this affirmation every day, like a shield from elements that hit you. Be your own hero, stop wishing someone would save you. You can't expect happiness to come to you or hand it to you, you have to find it within you.

Sifting your thoughts from what is good or not doesn't come easy; it takes a constant actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method that are opposed to theories about such application or use. As people say, "people are as happy as they set their mind to be." We have to live life day by day. There is no promise or any guarantee. Do your best of what you think you can do, and you think is the right thing to do. We only get to live one life. Live it well. You are in charge of it even if storms will strike you and hit you hard, you always have a choice to get back up or stay down. Get up, get back to it, that's how you get stronger, that's how you grow.

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