Inspirational Ways to Manage Your Own Destiny ...


Inspirational Ways to Manage Your Own Destiny ...
Inspirational Ways to Manage Your Own Destiny ...

Want to learn ways to manage your own destiny? What determines the course of your life? Is it fate, freewill or a combination of the two? Philosophers and religious leaders have been debating fate vs. freewill for centuries. We may feel a God guiding us, we may feel fate guides us, we may feel only freewill guides us, and so on. Each of our experiences is different. Maybe it is actually within our power to create our own destiny through fate. Here are examples of ways to manage your own destiny.

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Look for Signs

The universe constantly sends us signs and those signs are one of the best ways to manage your own destiny. Choose to acknowledge and accept them. Do not ignore your intuition, but rather listen to your intuitive instincts and take action. Your intuition sometimes sends you a signal with a fearful feeling when about when to avoid a situation, person, place, or experience. This is good fear that you should listen to.


Follow Your Passion

I know it is an old cliché, but finding your purpose does involve living your passion. After you identify it, align various elements of your life, including career and hobbies. Do what makes you come alive.


Have Faith

You can have faith even if you are not a religious person. Faith is having knowledge about and believing in something that you cannot see. And it is an energy that guides you through life’s challenges.


Do the Work

You must work hard and smart to fulfill your dreams. Fate and free will are meaningless if you do not work to achieve your goals.

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