Effortless Tricks to Get the Better Life You Deserve💎👸👸🏿 ...

I don’t know all the secrets on how to have a better life, but I definitely would love to offer some advice. I see a lot of people who are down and out. They’re strung out, disappointed, and feel helpless when it comes to their life. But instead of feeling sorry for yourself here’s a few tips for a better life.

1. Smile

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One surefire way to answer the question how to have a better life is to smile! Have you ever heard of the theory of what you put in to the world is what you get back? In other words, if you put out negative vibes you’ll be greeted with negativity at every turn. Create the change you want in your life by being positive, cheery and happy - if it’s not what you’re feeling on the inside. Soon enough, you’ll see the people around you change for the better and what you’re projecting on the outside will translate to lighter emotions on the inside.

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