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7 Steps to Becoming Friends with Yourself ...

By Alicia

Becoming friends with yourself is a very important thing to do. You are going to be with yourself all day every day for all of your life, so it is certainly worth the work it may take. It only makes sense to put some effort into becoming friends with yourself. It is something that will be beneficial to you for the rest of your life.

1 Get to Know Yourself

Getting to know yourself is the first step to becoming friends with yourself. Knowing what you like and what your interests are is important. It is also important to know what your values are and what you stand for. You can’t honor yourself if you don’t know yourself. If you don’t know yourself very well, spend some time thinking about what you do and don’t like to do as well as what is important to you.

2 Get Used to Being Alone

The fact is that all of us will have to spend some time alone in our lives. Since that is true, it is good to adjust to that. Even better is to learn to enjoy your time alone. Once you do this, you will realize what you have been missing. This is a big step in becoming friends with yourself.

3 Find Activities to Enjoy Alone

Finding activities to enjoy alone will help you to become friends with yourself. You will learn that you can be your own favorite person. You may find out that you look forward to your time alone. There are a lot of things you can enjoy by yourself. Some of my favorites are reading, shopping online or watching a good movie.

4 Respect Yourself

You deserve respect from others and yourself. Know your values and respect them. Don’t allow anyone else to make you feel inferior to them. Don’t allow them to make you feel there is something wrong with you for how you feel. Honor yourself.

5 Boost Your Own Self-Esteem

One thing that I think many women need to get more comfortable with is boosting their own self-esteem. Waiting for someone else to do it is not a wise choice as you may be waiting a very long time. It is okay and even good to let yourself feel confidence in who you are. Know that you are a beautiful, valuable person both inside and out. When you feel this way about yourself, you will just glow to others.

6 Be Good to Yourself

This is something many of you can work on; I know because I am included in that number. Women have a tendency to expect too much of themselves and push themselves farther than they should. Know when your body needs a break. Take care of yourself. If you do, your body will be able to do more for you in return.

7 Treat Yourself with Kindness

A lot of times you may not treat yourself as kindly as you should. Think about this thought line for a moment. Are you as kind and caring about yourself when you are having a bad day as you would be to a friend? Chances are that you aren’t. This is something that you could work on in becoming friends with yourself.

There are a lot of different things that go into becoming friends with yourself. How have you accomplished this? Share your stories here.

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