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39 Powerful Affirmations to Help Shift Your Mind-set ...

By Rosalina

Affirmations are statements of intention that we can use to manifest great things into our lives and there are some powerful affirmations I would like to share. Whether you write your own affirmations or choose one that has already been written, the key is to use it consistently by writing it down over and over again, saying it out loud to yourself and putting it where you can see it on a regular basis. This then becomes part of your thought processes and can help shift your mind-set. The following powerful affirmations can help make your dreams a reality.

1 Peace Surrounds Me and I Am Always at Peace with Myself and Others

Affirmations are incredibly personal but one of the most powerful affirmations is this one. We all want peace right?

2 I Love My Career and Find Ways to Make Every Day Exciting in My Work

If you're struggling with feeling positive about your work then this might be one way to help change the way you feel about it.


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3 My Life is Full of Happiness

Come on, we all want to feel like a room without a roof don't we!

4 I Try New Ideas with an Open Heart and an Open Mind

Embrace new ideas and change.

5 I Attract Only Positivity in My Life and Radiate Positive Energy to the World

This is a great one about positivity.

6 I Let Go of All Anger and Resentment Now

Don't hold onto it because it will just eat you up inside.

7 Money Flows into My Life Easily and I Will Always Be Prosperous

I know we're all going to be using this one right?

8 I'm Ready Now to Achieve My Goals

Now is the time.

9 I save Diligently and Am Wealthy

This is an interesting one because 'wealthy' might not necessarily mean monetary wealth. You are 'wealthy' in so many ways. Wealthy originally meant 'well-being'. When did that change?!

10 I Am Perfectly Healthy

When you have your health, you have everything.

11 I Accept Myself Just as I Am

Self acceptance is key.

12 I Always Love and Attract Love in My Life

Love is all around.

13 Everything I Want in Life Comes to Me Joyfully and with Ease

You're a magnet guys!

14 I Forgive and Forget and Never Hold Grudges against Others

This one will help you to let it go.

15 I Feel Safe and Secure and Have the Power to Stand up for Myself

Feel confident in yourself.

16 I Am True and Caring in All My Relationships with Everyone

Honesty is key in all aspects of life.

17 I Am Kind and Helpful to Everyone I Meet

Let's spread the love.

18 I Eat the Right Things and do Things to Nourish and Love My Body

Your body is a temple right?

19 I Love Myself Just the Way I Am

You don't need to change - you're perfect just the way you are.

20 I Take Good Care of Myself and Can Therefore Help Others do the Same

Look after yourself and help others do the same.

21 I Am Beautiful

Yeah you are!

22 I Am Confident in My Work and in Dealing with Other People

Confidence will help manifest so many things in your life.

23 I Am Thankful for All I Have and Practice Gratitude in All I do

Gratitude is key.

24 I Am Fully in Control of My Own Life and Allow Nothing to Control It

Take control.

25 I Give Freely and Lovingly

Giving is good and it doesn't have to be material either. Your smile is a beautiful gift.

26 I Think and Act in Such a Way That Ensures Success is Always Mine

Fake it to make it!

27 I Choose Happiness

Because you deserve it.

28 I Am Always in Control of My Weight and I Maintain It Successfully

For the days when you feel out of control.

29 I Am Sailing on the Sea of Success

Ride those waves.

30 I Exercise Regularly and Take Great Care of My Body

Enjoy moving and feel great as a result.

31 Life is Great and I Feel Great Every Day

Believe it is so and it will be.

32 Today is Going to Be a Great Day

A great one to say every morning.

33 I Fully Respect Myself and Can Be Who I Want to Be

I can hear Aretha singing in the background...

34 I Can Achieve Anything I Set My Mind to

It's true. If you believe it, you can achieve it!

35 Good Things Come to Me

Think of all the great things you have and more will come your way.

36 My Life Just Keeps Getting Better Day by Day

Every day is a gift!

37 I Accept Life Just the Way It is Right Now

Acceptance of all that life throws at you is so important.

38 I Always Look for the Goodness in Others

Seeing good in others makes you feel more at peace.

39 Whatever It is, I Can Handle It

You can, I promise.

Affirmations can be used to manifest love, money, a new job, peace - anything you desire. Which is your favorite affirmation? Perhaps you have one you would like to share. I would love to hear!

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