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There are some simple steps to writing affirmations that will mean you will be able to plant powerful mental seeds of positivity in your mind and manifest everything you desire in life. Affirmations are statements of intention and they can be very effective. In order to cultivate feelings of positivity and to make these statements effective, there are certain steps to writing affirmations that I would like to share.

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Make Them Positive

One of the first steps to writing affirmations is to state what you desire in a positive way, rather than focusing on what you don't want. For example, you might say, "This year, I am going to lose all of that weight." One of the ways to make this statement more positive is to say, "I am healthy and fit." Remember, when you focus on what you don't want in your mind, you actually put all of your mental attention onto it and bring more of it into your life.


Make Them Concise

Affirmations should be brief and punchy rather than excessively wordy. Make your affirmations clear. For example, maybe you have a partner, friend or work colleague who is making you feel a little low by speaking down to you. You might be thinking, "I feel rotten when they speak to me that way. I wish I could have a good come-back ready but I just can't express the way I feel." This wouldn't make a great affirmation but you could change this to, "I easily express myself when talking to others." Your affirmation might start out a little wordier but it will end up being more precise.


Make It Include You

In order to deepen your belief in the affirmation, you need to include yourself in it. Whether it's your name or by saying 'I' or 'me,' putting yourself in the affirmation will help change the way you have been thinking about things until now.


Make It Specific

Affirmations need to be specific in order for you to see results. If you don't know what you want, think about what is important to you right now. For example, maybe you're looking for a partner in your life. If that's the case, a great affirmation might be, "I have a wonderful new partner who loves and respects me and I am worthy of this loving relationship in my life."


Imagine It's Happening

Remember to state it in the present tense. So, you might not have the job or partner you desire, but imagine it is so and it will become so. Use "I am" and "I have" and avoid "I will" or "I hope." Believe that it is happening right now and feel as though you have it now. This is the key to an affirmation that works.


Make It Passionate

Put passion into your affirmation - no one else has to hear it so it doesn't matter how ludicrous it might initially sound to you. Your affirmation is yours and yours only. For example, an affirmation which states, "I have a wonderful job which excites me" might be changed to a more passionate, "I have a wonderful job which excites, delights and ignites my soul, making me super-proud to be alive!"


Write Them down

Remember to write your affirmation down. Put them on your dressing table or bathroom mirror. There is a big difference between having it in your mind and putting it on paper.

These are some of the steps to writing awesome affirmations which will help you achieve your goals and manifest those dreams. Does anyone else write their own affirmations? What hints and tips do you have?

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