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35 Kind Acts That Will Make the World a Better Place ...

By Rosalina

We all know that the world needs some TLC and there are some acts of kindness to help make the world a happier place that I would like to share. Unfortunately, these random acts of kindness won't stop the wars and the fighting but they might help to spread a little love and goodwill, which is really what the world needs right now.

1 Volunteer

One of the best acts of kindness is volunteering your time and skills. There's a fabulous saying: "if you want to feel good, do good" and volunteering does just that. How about volunteering for your favorite charity? It doesn't have to be every day or every week. However much time you can spare is always appreciated by charities.

2 Offer to Help with Shopping

Perhaps you have an elderly relative or neighbor who needs some help with the shopping. This is a great thing to do for them.

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3 Tell Someone How Much They Mean to You

How many times do you tell someone how much you appreciate them? People love to hear it even if you think they know already.

4 Make Someone New Feel Welcome

Perhaps someone new has started at your place of work. How about welcoming them with some flowers and a card. Imagine how great you would feel if someone did that for you.

5 Give a Compliment

We all love to hear a compliment, even if we don't really believe it. Tell someone how great they look but mean it.

6 Give up Your Seat

Give up your seat when you're on the bus or the train.

7 Tell Someone They're Doing a Great Job

We all have days when we feel like we're a fraud and we're not doing a good job at all. It's nice to hear that someone thinks we're doing a good job.

8 Give Blood

Giving blood is one of the best things you can do. It's like literally giving life or helping someone to live, which is a great thing to do if you have the opportunity and you're not too squeamish!

9 Visit Someone Who Might Be Lonely

There are always sad tales in the press about people being found dead after years without people noticing. It's a sad indictment of our society that we're just too busy rushing from one place to another without taking time for each other. How about popping in for a cup of tea or checking in on someone?

10 Donate to a Food Bank

Donating food to a food bank is another great thing to do. And it doesn't have to be a full sized hamper, every little helps!

11 Give Someone a Hug

Ok, so be careful with this one as A, you don't want to give people the wrong idea and B, they might think you're a bit weird. If the situation calls for a hug and you're not in a situation where it might seem inappropriate, give someone a hug.

12 Hold the Door Open for Someone

So, you're in a hurry but you can still hold that door open for someone.

13 Let People Pass in Traffic

We all need to get to get there really quickly but what if we let some people through in the traffic? Would it really make us later?

14 Pay for Someone in the Queue behind

You're at the drive thru, so how about paying for the person behind? You might not know exactly what they're going to order but even giving something towards it is a nice gesture.

15 Buy Cakes for Colleagues

Ok, so this is something which might lead to to an expansion of waistlines but every so often, cakes in the office are a nice treat to lift the spirits.

16 Bake for Your Neighbors

How about baking some cookies for the neighbors. It's a great way to be neighborly and you never know when you might need them.

17 Make Someone Laugh

Laughter really is the best medicine so if someone is feeling low, tell them a joke to cheer them up. Read the situation though as it might not be appropriate.

18 Visit a Sick Relative or Friend

Perhaps you have a sick relative or a friend. Visit them if you can as they would love to see you.

19 Forgive Them (You Know Who)

Life's too short to hold grudges. If someone has done you wrong, let it go. You'll feel so much better as the burden can sometimes weigh you down.

20 Buy a Gift for Someone, Just Because

My mother always taught me to take something round when I visited someone. It doesn't have to be something huge but a little gesture will make them smile and feel appreciated.

21 Take Time to Listen

We're all super busy but taking time to really listen to someone can make a big difference to their day.

22 Organize a Fundraiser

Maybe you could organize a fundraiser in your local area. It's a great way of getting people together and raising money for good causes.

23 Get Back in Contact with Someone

We all have someone who we have lost touch with and often there's a reason for that. But there are people we have lost contact with and we don't quite know why. Maybe you can get back in contact with them.

24 Offer Change to Someone Who Can't Find the Right Amount

Someone is struggling to find the right amount of change and they're in front of you in the queue at the store. Could you alleviate their stress by offering to pay the extra for them?

25 Be a Litter Picker

When you see litter on the street, instead of moaning about how unsightly it is and how the council is doing such a poor job of keeping the town tidy, how about picking it up yourself.

26 Let Someone in Front of You in the Supermarket Queue

Perhaps someone is behind you in the queue and they have a little bit less in their trolley than you. Maybe you could let them ahead of you?

27 Let Someone Have Your Parking Spot

I know you have been hunting for that parking spot for ages but how about if you let someone have it? Wouldn't you feel great if someone did that for you?

28 Offer to Look after a Friend's Children

Children are wonderful but maybe your pal needs a break for a couple of hours. Perhaps you can look after the kids for an hour or two.

29 Pass on a Book You Enjoyed

We have all read that great book which has had a profound effect on us. How about passing it on to someone to benefit from its message and joy?

30 Talk to a Stranger in the Queue

That person in the queue behind or in front of you may not have spoken to someone for days. It's just something someone said to me once which has stuck with me and which is why I'm that crazy person who likes to strike up a conversation with people in queues. You never know who you might meet or what words of wisdom they might impart.

31 Read with a Child

Reading with a child is a wonderful thing to do and it's fun too because we all love to do the voices, or is that just me!

32 Make Breakfast in Bed for Your Loved One

Maybe your loved one could do with a cup of coffee or breakfast being brought to them in bed.

33 Invite Your Neighbor round for a Chat

This is a great thing to do and will help build relations with your neighbors and create a sense of community.

34 Offer to Tend to Your Neighbor's Lawn/Garden

Perhaps you could offer to mow your neighbor's lawn or tend to their garden. If they're elderly or sick, they would appreciate something less to worry about.

35 Help out Someone in Need

This is quite a broad suggestion but maybe you know someone who needs a little support. Even offering your ear as a sounding board is a kind thing to do.

These are just some of the little things we can do for each other to create a microcosm of a perfect world. Do you have any more ideas?

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