Effortless Tricks to Get the Better Life You Deserve ...


Effortless Tricks to Get the Better Life You Deserve ...
Effortless Tricks to Get the Better Life You Deserve ...

I don’t know all the secrets on how to have a better life, but I definitely would love to offer some advice. I see a lot of people who are down and out. They’re strung out, disappointed, and feel helpless when it comes to their life. But instead of feeling sorry for yourself here’s a few tips for a better life.

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facial expression, photograph, painting, photography, smile, One surefire way to answer the question how to have a better life is to smile! Have you ever heard of the theory of what you put in to the world is what you get back? In other words, if you put out negative vibes you’ll be greeted with negativity at every turn. Create the change you want in your life by being positive, cheery and happy - if it’s not what you’re feeling on the inside. Soon enough, you’ll see the people around you change for the better and what you’re projecting on the outside will translate to lighter emotions on the inside.


Be Organized

woman, blond, major appliance, home appliance, cash, Keeping your life organized keeps your mind clear. Everything from your schedule, to your fridge, to your toiletries count in keeping your insanity in tact. Organization helps you to keep moving fast and efficiently, as well as keeping you on top of everything in your life.


Read Books

play, toy, READ, BOOK,, MAYBE, Personal developments books are a great aide available to everyone. It seems tacky or something only strung-out housewives would turn to, but personal development books are a great way to change your perspective on life, as well as help you be more confident in approaching people and having stronger, more satisfying relationships.



night, lighting, skyline, panorama, It’s no secret that travel is a guaranteed way to discover yourself and make you happier. However, travelling is costly and not financially possible for everyone. Even if you can’t jet off to Europe or bask under the sun on the British Virgin Islands, there is still hope for you. Taking the family to the nearest large city is a great idea for a vacation. And vice versa, if you live in or near a major city drive a few hours outside of the city to a secluded little town. Getting away for a few days lets your mind and body recuperate and take a break from life.


Accept Guidance and Coaching

person, profession, businessperson, official, Tell, When our flaws are pointed out we tend to get defensive, but not being aware of bad characteristics only sets us up for failure. Instead of getting offended, lets take the constructive criticism we receive and use it to our advantage.


Do a Little Bit Every Day

person, facial expression, emotion, document, Whether it be a brisk walk around the block or reading a chapter of a good book every day, a little goes a long way. Small positive changes in your life add up to great results. The same goes for bad things as well; what seems like a good idea today will end up with negative consequences in the future like excessive drinking or being influenced by people with poor character. Use your judgement and make sure you make the right choices every day.


Accept the Hurt

person, black and white, facial expression, film noir, emotion, I once heard a great quote that went along the lines of “you can’t block out sadness without blocking out happiness”. Not everything is going to be peachy keen and you know that, so don’t let the bad times weigh you down. Instead, work through the pain and let it build your character.

No one is promised a great life but no one is deprived of the opportunity to make it great either. Do yourself a favour and work for the quality life you deserve and make sure you know what makes up a great life. Some people get confused and think status, material things, and money make a great life but that’s not true. Instead, it’s good character, strong moral fibre and the ability to bounce back from the hard times. What are other tips on how to have a better life?

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Love this

. Some people get confused and think status, material things, and money make a great life but that’s not true. Instead, it’s good character, strong moral fibre and the ability to bounce back from the hard times.

7 spoke to me

The negative energy within, that you need to overcome within your personal self than with another person, in which in fact have their own personal vendettas.

Great subject and couldn't of heard the best most simplest ways to advice these. #7 is extremely correct!!!!!!

SUPERR stuff, “Super~Artti”!!!💪🙏🌈👍👍😎✌️✌️~ RELEVANT!... POIGNANT!!.... ENCOURAGING!!!


I believe character I most blessed with. I may have to say, me, my self, and are not so ambitious, which helps with stopping to smell the flowers a lot easier and more often, gave me the quality of understanding and seeing yourself act in a patient and well mannered fibre way you to express your s

I seriously couldn't have put this in a more perfect way, well done. that was very inspiring.

2 and 6. They're also hard to achieve.

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