7 Tips on Turning Your Pain into Power ...

By Holly

When you lose your job or your boyfriend, you'll feel devastated, but there are tips on turning your pain into power. After you suffer from a horrible event, you shouldn't let it ruin the rest of your life. You should learn from it and move past it. Although it may sound like an impossible task, it's a necessary one if you want to live a healthy life. Here are some of the most helpful tips on turning your pain into power:

1 Avoid It in the Future

Did you lose your job, because you trusted someone you shouldn't have? Did your boyfriend leave you, because you cheated on him? Look at the situation so that you can figure out what you did wrong and avoid doing it again in the future. One of the best tips on turning your pain into power is to remember that you're more knowledgable now that you've gone through a distressing situation. You have a better idea of how to act in order to avoid going through the same thing again in the future.

2 Have the Strength to Get through

The more intense pain you go through, the more strength you show by living life day to day. Even though you're suffering, you're still managing to get out of bed and face the cruel world each morning. You might be crying as you're doing it, but you're still being brave. As much as you hate your situation, it's letting you show how strong you are.

3 Help Others

Inspirational speakers tend to be individuals who have gone through rough times. Instead of letting their pain destroy them, they tell their stories to others in the hopes of helping them. Whether you help hundreds of other people like you or only one, you should feel like your suffering was worth it.

4 Be Better Prepared

If the horrible situation you're suffering through ends up happening again, you'll be better prepared for it. If you survived the pain once, you can survive it again. It's a good learning experience, if nothing else.

5 Appreciate Your Happiness

You've probably heard that pain exists so that you appreciate your happiness more when you feel it. After you go through a travesty, the first time you smile again will feel amazing. Your pain can help you learn to appreciate every single moment of happiness that you experience.

6 Know How People Work

Sometimes, your pain will be caused by uncontrollable forces, but most of the time it will be caused by another human being. Getting hurt by another person will help you realize how other's brains works. If your pain helps you learn how to read people better, then it'll only help you in the future.

7 Get Creative

Most writers, artists, and musicians have devastating stories to tell. Instead of letting their anger and sadness control them, they use their emotions to create beautiful novels, works of art, and songs. The next time you're upset, try to channel your emotions by doing something creative.

Pain is something that all humans experience, although the severity of it may vary. Don't let yourself give up hope when things get rough. Find ways to turn your pain into a learning experience, instead of something that ruins your life. What do you do to cheer yourself up when you're upset?

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