7 Motivational Mantras to Repeat Daily ...


Mantras are tiny important reminders. If you repeat them daily, they become internalized and can have a positive impact on your overall mindset. Listed below, you'll find seven of my favorite motivational mantras. They're short, simple, sweet and straight to the point.

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Live a Happy Life

This mantra tops my list of motivational mantras not only because it's my favorite (I wear a bangle bracelet with the phrase engraved on it), but because it's so important to live by. It might sound cliché, but life is about living. We should enjoy life, not be miserable. Simply put, do what you love and love what you do.


If It's Meant to Be, It'll Happen...

Follow your heart and your passions. There's a plan for your life. You're doing fine. Things will work out. Why? Because you're capable. And you can do it. Have faith that you're going in the right direction. Doors will open accordingly.


Always Keep Learning

You live; you learn. That's an obvious part of life. We make mistakes and we learn from them. We aren't perfect. That's part of being human. The attainment of knowledge is such a powerful thing. There's so much to learn. Knowledge is like buried treasure. All we have to do is discover it. It's out there for us to find.


Forgive and Forget

You've probably heard of this mantra before. It's important to forgive and move on. Bitterness only makes things worse. Holding grudges and anger helps no one. Remember that we've all done things in our pasts that we regret.


Just Go for It

We all know what we truly want out of life. It's in our hearts. We just have to listen to them. If you feel like you really want to do something, accomplish something, go somewhere, etc, just go for it! More than likely, you won't regret pursuing your dreams.


Be Yourself

This has been a hard one for me to follow. With so many societal stereotypes, there's so much pressure to fit in.

Embrace your individuality. No one is the same and no one should be. You are amazing and unique. Don't hide who you truly are. Wearing a mask only disguises your true identity; it doesn't change it.


You're Beautiful

No, seriously, you really are. We need to stop tearing each other down. Embrace your imperfections. They are what make you unique. You were made exactly how you are supposed to be. Stop comparing yourself to others. You're you and you're beautiful both inside and out.

These mantras are sure to keep you inspired daily no matter what obstacle you face! Try to see the difficulties you encounter as pit stops on your road to success instead of blockades. To internalize your mantra of choice, all you have to do is write it on a post-it note and stick it to your bathroom mirror. Read it out loud every day. That way, you'll see and hear it every day as a constant reminder!

Which one of the seven motivational mantras resonated with you the most? Feel free to leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you!

P.S: Don't worry if none of these mantras fit your life goals the best. Be creative and write one that better suits your needs!

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Just go for it

if it's meant to be, it'll happen 💕

Live a happy life! I love it.

Live a happy life

Live a happy life. 😊

Always keep learning & Live a happy life!

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