9 Ways to Live Life in the Slow Lane ...


9 Ways to Live Life in the Slow Lane ...
9 Ways to Live Life in the Slow Lane ...

We're all busy on that treadmill called life but there is a lot to be said for living in the slow lane and still achieving your heart's desires. We always hear stories of people who have just been going so fast that they haven't been able to live fully and completely. Indeed, there is a fabulous quote from one of my favourite films that encapsulates the need for going slowly and appreciating life that little bit more. Ferris Bueller says it best when he says, "life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it". And let's face it, who wants to miss out on the beauty that is life?! Here are some ways to go a little slower and enjoy the benefits.

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Live in the Present

Live in the Present If you have read Ekhart Tolle's The Power of Now, you will understand the fact that there is only one moment in life - the present one. We spend so much time agonizing about the past and worrying about the future that we forget where we are right now. Instead of thinking of the past and the future, enjoy the now. When you're sitting on the park bench, enjoy the park and all it has to offer. As Eckart Tolle explains, there is a time for planning for the future but there is also a time for enjoying the present moment.


No Distractions

No Distractions I don't know about you but I often find myself doing something while I'm doing something else. It means I often do one of the things badly as I'm not fully there. If I were to do just one of the things well and concentrate on it, I would do so much better. This applies to things such as eating. How many of you are eating while you're watching TV or reading something? This is why our bodies can't fully recognise when we're satiated and why we don't enjoy the food we're eating. Try to avoid distractions by doing just one thing at a time if you can.


Just Breathe

Just Breathe Mindful breathing helps tremendously. It keeps you grounded in the present moment. There are many exercises that can help you get in touch with breathing such as mindful meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi.


Turn off the Phone

Turn off the Phone We might be more connected from a technological standpoint but we're also disconnected from each other as people are always immersed in their phones instead of speaking to each other. With our technologically advanced lives, we also often find that we're being pulled from one email account to another. Try to be strong and strict with yourself by turning off technology at night.


Stop the Panic

Stop the Panic With news of terrorist attacks and threat levels increasing, we seem to live in a climate of fear that shows no signs of diminishing. As scary as it is, don't let this paralyse you into thinking you have to travel at a million miles an hour in order to accomplish everything. Also, take time to make those important decisions, that way you're less likely to live to regret it.


Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself Regular pampering is super important so ensure you look after yourself. Whether it's through massages and facials or simply going for a long walk on the beach or the woods, take time for you.


Leave Gaps in the Diary

Leave Gaps in the Diary You know those gaps in your diary that you have an insatiable need to fill? Leave them and enjoy the silence. You won't be missing out if you just have that extra time to be. Go to a gallery or museum and spend some time enjoying your surroundings. Ignore the impulse and urge to rush. Leave your watch at home and turn off the phone.


Accept What is

Accept What is When you begin to accept what is, you feel a tremendous amount of relief. We cannot control everything but we can accept life and let go of the need to grasp things. If there is traffic, accept the traffic. Being angry and cursing is not going to change the traffic but it will elevate your stress levels. If the train is delayed, accept that the train is delayed. There is nothing you can do about it.


Just Be

Just Be Jon Kabat Zin explained it beautifully when he said that we're human BEINGS not human DOINGS. I love that. I always remind myself that we need to just be. I know, it's easier said than done and thinking is almost like an addiction, like drugs and alcohol. However, with a little mindful training, you can begin to appreciate the now and just be.

I used to live life in the fast lane, afraid that I would miss out and I needed to achieve so much because the world was soon to implode. If the world does implode, I will be living in the present. How about you? Can you think of any other ways to just slow down? Are you a 'live fast die young' kinda gal or a 'live slow and enjoy the mo(ment)'?

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I really love this article ! Great Work!

Great advice! Thanks for this.

Always practicing 'live in the moment" as it can be hard sometimes. I find that I really do it when working with children, I really forget about mundane adult stuff :)

Have just discovered that, instead of rushing around, hurrying the children, I stay present now and enjoy, cooking, homework etc, life so much easier, instead of hurrying everything up, just to get to next step, so much more relaxed...

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