9 Positive Responses That Will Turn Your Life around ...


9 Positive Responses That Will Turn Your Life around ...
9 Positive Responses That Will Turn Your Life around ...

Some decisions define us as who we are, while others belong to the past. When it comes to shaping your future in a positive way, however, it takes a whole different breed of responses to do the trick. Let's take a look at some of the major choices and actions that can truly turn your life around.

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Letting Cooler Heads Prevail

It’s true that being hotheaded can get you a lot of attention sometimes, and stress can be a motivator. Calmer people, however, tend to enjoy life a lot more and are much better at crucial decision making. If you want to make better choices in life, it might be best to wait until anger and anxiety subside.


Avoid Thinking so Much

Like anything else, too much thinking can cause a lot of problems – namely, overcomplicating things and reaching slower results. One of the best responses for turning your life around is to think less, give intuition a chance, and be more present, instead of staying locked away in your head all the time.


Put Yourself in Others’ Shoes

Understanding others’ choices can be difficult, sometimes almost impossible. But by choosing empathy and placing yourself in others’ shoes, it can be done. This positive response can help you overcome destructive emotions and reactions to the negative actions of others (or even your own), significantly improving your life.


Humor as an Outlet

Some say laughter makes you feel more alive. Consciously choosing humor, watching a comedy or two, or even better – being able to laugh at yourself – will improve your life, even when facing daily boredom, sorrow or pain.


Find Your Happy Place

Everyone has that special happy place they can go to in order to feel better. It may be an old forgotten place in your childhood, or an activity you gave up a long time ago. Think back and find that place once more to regain a sense of calm, balance and serenity.


Mental Flexibility

Another great decision for turning your life around is adopting a more flexible mindset. Instead of relying on mental habits, use your awareness to look at things a little differently from time to time. You may find some changes you’ve never expected before.


Seeing the Best in Others

Seeing the qualities, positive intentions and potential that those around you have can change both your life and theirs. Remember back when your teacher praised you for great performance? Just imagine how your friends and family would react, if you responded the same way to their positive actions and qualities.


Put Yourself First

This one should be obvious, but unfortunately so many people get caught up in trying to be helpful and “decent”. Putting yourself first is not selfish; in fact, the only way you can change your life for the better and help others too is by taking care of yourself first.


Face Your “Negative” Emotions

Scientists suggest that facing or even channeling your negative emotions in new ways can be quite productive and helpful. Anger, fear or depression can be channeled creatively by burning those emotions through heightened activity, problem solving, or creative outlets like music or painting.

Most of these responses can take a lot of willpower, and they don’t always represent a simple decision. Which of them do you think would change your life for the better? What other practical positive responses would you add to the mix?


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